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Sports lighting has international characteristics due to sports competition

Sports lighting has international characteristics due to sports competition


Those engaged in sports lighting work must understand the standards of sports lighting, which is the basis. Because sports competitions are the most international, sports lighting also has international characteristics. It is true that there are many kinds of sports lighting, and their classification methods are also diverse. Here are a few briefly for your reference.

1) According to domestic and international standards

As shown in Table 1, it is the sports lighting standard divided by international and domestic.

Table 1 Standards divided by international and domestic 

2) By sport type

Sports lighting standards can also be divided by sport type. For example, as the world's No. 1 sport football, its football field lighting standards are relatively complete and many, and the standard update cycle is relatively short. Here are a few examples:

· FIFA "FIFA Lighting Guide 2020", the standard of pitch lighting systems for FIFA competition venues and training grounds,

· Requirements and guidelines;

· UEFA "UEFA Stadium Lighting Guide 2019";

· AFC "AFC Stadium Lighting Guide 2018";

· Football field lighting, technical document CIE57 of the International Commission on Illumination;

· BOB (2008 Beijing Olympic Games broadcast and television broadcast) Football Lighting for Television.

3) My country's sports lighting standards

Since the group standard has just started, this type of standard is in its infancy, so it is not listed for the time being. Table 2 lists some national standards and industry standards related to sports lighting in my country.

Table 2 Some national standards and industry standards for sports lighting in my country

Therefore, sports buildings used for different purposes have different standards for sports lighting!

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