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ST34 street lamp lights Tianning New City

ST34 street lamp lights Tianning New City


Recently, our company completed the Tianning road lighting project in Tianfu New City, Jiaxing City. 

The project is a key road for the construction of Tianfu New City, runs through the aorta in the east-west direction of Tianning Town, and is also an important passageway between the expressway and Tianning Town. The completion of the project firstly fully meets the lighting requirements put forward by customers, and secondly saves a lot of electricity costs, and achieves the goal of green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting. In the first half of 2020, our company's foreign trade exports began to expand in the domestic market due to the impact of the epidemic. The smooth implementation of this road lighting project has created a very good start for the expansion of our domestic market.

This project adopts our new ST34 series of street lamps. Since the street lamps were introduced to the market in 2019, it has achieved nearly 30,000 sets of sales, which is our company's single-handed champion of street lamps. The lamp adopts graphene heat dissipation material, light weight and fast heat dissipation; at the same time, the design is novel and the waterproof rating reaches IP66; the built-in respirator effectively balances the internal and external gas pressure; the lamp beads use high brightness 3030 or 5050 lamp beads; the lamp can be equipped with NEMA or ZHAGA Intelligent interface, realizing 0-10V/PWM/DALI and GPRS and other intelligent control, is a street lamp with advanced technology and high cost performance.

The main road installed this time, the two-way 4 lanes, the pole height is 8 meters, the pole spacing is 35 meters, the power of the street lamp we designed is 120W, using 5050 lamp beads, 2 modules; after testing, it is found that the average reaches 38.4LX, even The degree reached 0.35, completely exceeding the expectations of customers, and was highly praised by the relevant leaders of Tianning Town.


CHZ Lighting will take this project as an opportunity to make persistent efforts, implement the "domestic + foreign" dual-engine combat plan, increase domestic market development, and strive to successfully achieve the 2020 sales target and sustainable development.

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