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The Benefits Of Solar Powered Led Street Lights

The Benefits Of Solar Powered Led Street Lights


What are the characteristics and advantages of solar street lights?

First: Regardless of any type or brand of solar street light controllers, their power is the same. For example, the power of these solar street light control systems is divided into two types, 12V and 24V, so when you buy solar street light control systems It is necessary to determine the appropriate power according to different working environment requirements; but no matter what type of power, they have one thing in common, that is, they can automatically identify the system to determine whether the street light can be turned off or turned on;

Second: Because the street lights controlled by the solar street light controller are connected in series and the high-efficiency PWM charging method is selected, these two configurations can greatly improve the solar street light control Compared with the traditional control method, these two new configurations can also greatly improve the service life and maintenance cycle of the battery;

Third: Because the switches of these solar street light controllers are all MOSFET type switches with very high working efficiency, which are a kind of electronic switches, so compared with traditional mechanical switches or manual switches, MOSFET type switches The switch can realize automatic opening and closing operation, with high flexibility;

Fourth: Regardless of the working environment and location, we can use the solar street light controller to control the switch of the street light, because it has a strong ability to use, there is no requirement for the working environment; at the same time, no operation is required. The street light can be turned on and off because it can automatically identify whether it is day or night.

The Benefits Of Solar Street Lights

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