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The common faults and maintenance methods of solar street lamps is introduced

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-13

the whole lamp is broken.

used for outdoor lighting, solar street lamps often encountered in the low temperature heat, rainy and snowy weather. However, solar street light controller is usually installed on a pole, it is easy to cause the short circuit inlet into the controller. First of all, to observe whether terminal controller for water and rust ( Install the terminal controller down) 。 When needed, if the controller may be damaged, then there is no battery voltage measurement ( Universal meter) , such as 12 V power supply system, solar road lamp if the battery voltage is lower than 10. 8 V, without batteries, battery, need to change or delete the lamp holder of solar panels to recharge the battery. And then check whether there is solar panels on the condition of normal operation of the voltage and current output. There is no panel is damaged, please replace the panel. First of all, there is no problem. You should check the light source, to power a light source directly, to see if it lights, don't change the light source.

2。 Flickering lamp holder.

the cause of the fault line is poor contact, severe battery power, storage capacity to reduce and replace the battery when there is no problem under line.

3。 Install the lamp.

check whether the solar panel is connected to the positive and negative. Solar panels is measured with a multimeter voltage, the voltage is usually with the surrounding solar panels at the same voltage. If the voltage value is small, the quality of the solar panel itself.

4。 The duration of the light is very short, and rainy days for a short time.

normal storage capacity and reduce the capacity of the storage battery is sufficient reason. Only need to replace a reasonable battery.

5。 Regularly check the led road solar street lamps lighting the surface of the battery.

if it is found that its surface has a lot of dust or other contaminants, must clean with clear water or use wet cloth to wipe clean. Do not use hard objects or corrosive liquid to clean and wipe, it will directly affect the power generation.

6。 Protect the solar array

in protecting solar array, we must strictly follow the standard method of battery protection and regularly check circuit system. If there is a loose leak, need to adjust and protection, and check the resistance, to guarantee the normal work of the 399000 lights.

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