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The future development trend of LED street lights

The future development trend of LED street lights


The future development trend of LED street lights

The LED street lamp is a complex system composed of optics, heat and electronics. Although the life of the LED street lamp itself is long, if the drive circuit of the LED street lamp is not designed properly, it is said that the source device of poor quality is replaced, resulting in the overall drive circuit The life of the LED street lamp cannot be matched with the LED street lamp itself, which will affect the quality and life of the LED street lamp.

Furthermore, the heat dissipation device of the LED street lamp is also very important. Once the operating temperature exceeds 100 ° C, if the heat dissipation system of the LED street lamp is not good enough, its own reliability will be affected. Of course, the early failure of LED lamp beads, local defects in assembly and transient phenomena will also cause the failure of LED street lamps. If proper and proper shunt protection measures are not taken, the failure of LED lamp beads will cause the entire string of LEDs to not light. , Which affects the overall lighting effect of led street lamps.

LED street light is a complex system, involving various fields such as light, electricity, heat, machinery and so on. As far as drive power is concerned, it is mainly a matter of efficiency and reliability. First, the operating temperature of the driving power supply is very high. In this way, secondly, the traditional driving topology is complex and complex, including PFC, PWM isolation and constant current DC / DC three-level circuit. Reach a certain height, reduce the temperature of the drive power, and improve reliability. Low reliability, especially for sensitive devices such as electrolytic capacitors and optical coupling.

Therefore, in the design process of LED street lights, the heat dissipation of LED street lights must be well taken into consideration. It is generally recommended that the operating temperature of LEDs should be below 100 ° C to avoid the reliability of LEDs being affected. Therefore, the designer of the LED drive circuit must carefully select the active or passive components in the circuit to ensure that it matches the life of the LED. For example, designers should ensure that electrolytic capacitors can be avoided, because such capacitors may produce leakage under long-term use conditions, resulting in shortened working life.

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