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The Installation Distance Of Solar Powered Street Lights Lamp

The Installation Distance Of Solar Powered Street Lights Lamp


With the rapid development of the national economy and the improvement of the standard of living of the population, more and more rural roads and urban communities have installed solar powered street lights. However, there are obvious issues with solar street lights in some places. For example, some solar street lights are particularly bright, some are black, or there are overlapping lights in two street lights. This is the solar street light. The installation is not provoked in a professional manner.

Therefore, the installation of solar powered street lights is also a very important part, and the most important point in the installation is the installation distance of the solar lights. Many factors affect the spacing of facilities. The product parameters of LED solar street lights play a decisive role. Second, it is also affected by other factors such as the condition of the roads. In summary, the installation distance of solar street lights mainly focuses on the following two points:

First of all, how to illuminate

The lighting method is divided into two categories: light on one side, cross-border light on both sides, symmetrical fabric on both sides and special roads such as intersections and angles, which can be illuminated depending on actual conditions.

Second, the height of the post

The pole is 7 meters solar street light installation spacing

Scenic sites and parks generally prefer streetlights with a height of around 7 meters, especially new rural roads with a width of around 7 meters. In the night environment, pedestrians and traffic on rural roads are not important. Therefore, it is usually installed by means of one-sided interactive lighting to ensure an installation spacing of around 20 to 25 meters. If it is less than 20 meters, it will affect some lighting. In addition, a lamppost must be installed at the corner to avoid the blind spot.


The pole is 8 meters solar street light installation spacing

If you want to install a street light with a pole height of 8 meters, you need to make sure that the distance between the street lights is 25-30 meters. It should be installed by means of cross-border lighting on both sides. This method is mainly used for road lighting width requirements of 10 to 15 meters.


The pole is 12 meters solar street light installation spacing

For roads that wish to install 12 meter poles, the longitudinal spacing of solar street lights is usually between 30 and 50 meters. Symmetrical lighting should be used on both sides. The lighting width of the road must exceed 15 meters. Some need to reach the illuminance value as needed, there is no strict requirement, 60 watt fractional solar street light is a good choice. If you need to choose 30 watt built-in solar street light, the distance can be up to 30 meters.

Installation in accordance with the above requirements can greatly meet the road lighting needs and will not cause waste of resources. If the installed solar powered street lights are close to each other, it is unreasonable, resources are easily wasted, and the cost of inputs is relatively high. Of course, there are many types of solar street lights and many configuration options. It is impossible to give suggestions one by one. However, CHZ Lighting has been engaged in the solar street light business for more than ten years. It can guarantee that no matter what type of solar street light, no matter what configuration, we can provide the best installation plan. Therefore, choose CHZ Lighting to leave you no worries!

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