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The Range Of Various Types Of Industrial Lighting Light Fixtures

The Range Of Various Types Of Industrial Lighting Light Fixtures


Factory is a place where a given product is produced. It generally consists of a factory building, office and other ancillary buildings, various outdoor installations, stations, fields, and roads.

The range of various Industrial Lighting Light Fixtures used in the factory:

(1) Indoor Industrial lighting: the interior lighting of the factory building and the interior lighting of auxiliary rooms such as offices.

(2) Outdoor installation lighting: lighting for various outdoor installations. For example, the open-air operation field of the shipbuilding industry, the kettle, tank, and reaction tower of the petrochemical industry, the rotary kiln and the belt corridor of the building material company, the blast furnace body, the ladder, the platform of the metallurgical company, the gas tank of the power station, the total pressure reduction Lighting for outdoor transformers and power distribution devices in substations, cooling racks (towers) of outdoor water pumping stations, and outdoor ventilation and dust removal equipment.


(3) Station lighting: lighting installed in stations, railway marshalling stations, parking lots, open-air storage yards, etc.


(4) Underground lighting: lighting in basements, cable tunnels, integrated pipe corridors and tunnels.


(5) Industrial Road lighting: the lighting of factory roads and other roads.


(6) Guard lighting: the lighting set up along the periphery of the factory and the guard area around key places.


(7) Obstacle Industrial lighting: The plant area is equipped with super-high buildings and structures, such as chimneys, etc., which are required to be installed according to regional aviation conditions and relevant regulations.

Industrial Lighting Light Fixtures

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