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Theme Sharing (1) | Huang Feng: Towards the IoT Era, the latest development of DALI Alliance

Theme Sharing (1) | Huang Feng: Towards the IoT Era, the latest development of DALI Alliance


On August 4th, at the 26th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE), the DALI Alliances China Focus Group (DALI-CFG) co-organized the "DALI: Intelligent Lighting Control Protocol in the IoT Era-Technical Detailed Forum" at It ended successfully. At the forum, experts from international and domestic well-known leading intelligent lighting companies, consulting agencies and testing institutions shared the latest developments in DALI technology, DALI testing and certification, and detailed DALI technical details (DALI-2, D4i, etc.), providing industry insiders with value-added knowledge Golden opportunity.

At the conference, Dr. Feng Huang, Chairman of DALI-CFG, shared a report entitled "Towards the IoT Era, the Latest Progress of DALI Alliance" to the audience.

Guest speech 


Dr. Feng Huang, Chairman of DALI-CFG

Starting from the evolution of the DALI certification standards, Dr. Feng Huang introduced the latest developments in the technical changes of the DALI Alliance and its members in China. 

He introduced: The earliest DALI only used for power supply, and could only be used for simple dimming control. From DALI-2 to gradually standardize the standard, from self-declaration to need to be certified by the alliance, the certification of sensors, controllers and other equipment has been added, which solves the problem of interconnection and interoperability of DALI products of various manufacturers, and has more details about lighting Now it has D4i and DALI+ technologies, which support IoT technology and wireless transmission respectively, in order to cope with the rapid development of digital networks and sensor technology in recent years, and provide DALI users with more diverse and flexible choices.

Finally, he said that the DALI Alliance currently has more than 60 members in China. In order to provide better services to members in China and promote the application of DALI technology in China, the DALI Alliance established DALI-CFG on May 18 this year. In the future, DALI-CFG will carry out a series of activities offline, such as the release of white papers, Q&A documents, participation in offline exhibitions, forums, and DALI-related training. We look forward to the active participation of member units in China.

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