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Warmly celebrate CHZ Lighting's award as "Shanghai High tech Enterprise"

Warmly celebrate CHZ Lighting's award as "Shanghai High tech Enterprise"


Recently, our company was officially awarded the title of "Shanghai High and New Technology Enterprise" by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, which is another major honor after our company became a "high-tech enterprise". This is a full recognition of our company's significant scientific research investment and a series of scientific research achievements over the years.


Since 2019, our company has formulated a corporate technology strategy, increased investment in scientific research, and initiated scientific and technological projects; At the same time, actively apply for patents and transform them into economic achievements. From 2019 to 2022, our company increased the introduction of scientific and technological talents, developed a number of new products, and the proportion of scientific research investment in the company's sales increased year by year, from 3.5% in 2019 to 8.8% in 2022; At the same time, we have applied for and approved 28 patents, and obtained a number of software works, with positive improvements in both hardware and software; In addition, our company has actively carried out school-enterprise cooperation with universities such as Fudan University and Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT), and has also achieved a series of scientific research achievements.

Significant scientific research investment has also fed back the development of the company. During the three-year epidemic period from 2020-2022, our company's development has not received a significant impact, sales have also continued to rise, and market influence has gradually increased. The honor of "Shanghai High tech Enterprise" is not only a full affirmation of our company's early achievements, but also a significant support for our company's later development. We will continue to follow the path of technological development, increase investment in scientific research, lead product innovation, continue to do well in products, and make greater contributions to the development of the lighting industry.

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