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What is so tricky about the low price of solar street lights?

What is so tricky about the low price of solar street lights?


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Why are the solar street lights on the domestic market the same in terms of wattage, weight, and configuration, some manufacturers' solar street lights are very cheap, and some of the prices make us feel that they are really ridiculously low? 

Many customers are easily lost in the price and feel that our price is too expensive. However, some customers will find us again for purchase later, saying that those solar street lights with ultra-low prices are basically unusable, so what are the improper operations of these manufacturers with ultra-low prices?

According to the actual material, no matter how the province is calculated, solar street lights will not have such a low price, but some manufacturers just use the price to attract customers, one is to cut corners on the product parameters. For example, for solar panels, some customers configure 60w, then the manufacturer will reduce the 60w to 50w, 40w, or even 30w for assembly, so it is difficult for laymen to see it; the second is the false standard of solar batteries. Can not meet the original quality standards; third is the use of old recycled batteries, which have poor durability and very short life; Fourth, the wall thickness of the light pole cannot meet the requirements, which is unsafe; It should have used integral hot-dip galvanized materials and cheap solar street lights which is made directly with galvanized sheet, and it will rust in less than 3 months.

The price of such a solar street lamp may be liked by many consumers, but the quality and service life problems it brings are by no means what customers want to see. The solar panels and battery capacity are not up to the standard. Doesn't light up. Therefore, the price of solar street lights is not as low as possible. We must purchase according to actual needs and carefully confirm the parameter requirements. It is recommended to choose an old brand manufacturer, so that the quality and after-sales are well guaranteed. CHZ Lighting is a manufacturer of LED lamps that has been focusing on outdoor lighting for 12 years. We only make reassuring products and provide conscientious prices.

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