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What Is The Appropriate Led Office Ceiling Lights Decoration Design?

What Is The Appropriate Led Office Ceiling Lights Decoration Design?


The importance of lighting in office decoration is ignored by many people. Most people think that LED office lighting usually does not pursue atmosphere rendering, as long as it meets the lighting brightness of the office. But is this really the case? Let us recall the office scenes you have seen. Why do some offices make you feel indifferent and stereotyped and warm and active, while others make you feel warm and active? The little secret lies in the lighting matching skills in the office decoration.

Lighting is an extremely important part of office decoration. Its color temperature, intensity, and even angle will affect employees' eye health and visual experience to varying degrees. According to the data, 70% of people work in the office for more than 6 hours a day. Therefore, layout and maximize the lighting effect of LED office lighting, while making employees feel comfortable and free, is the top priority of office lighting design. 

Common lighting in the office can be subdivided into:

1. Basic lighting: The light is evenly distributed in a space to meet basic usage needs, such as ceiling lights in office areas.

2. Local lighting: as a supplement to the basic lighting, the purpose is to meet the needs of specific functions, such as our common floor lamps in the leisure area and desk lamps in the work area.

3. Atmospheric lighting: The upgrade based on the above two lighting attributes aims to reconcile the atmosphere of the space, with the finishing touch function, mostly used in leisure areas.

So in the office decoration design, how can the use of lighting make employees comfortable and efficient?

1. Utilize natural light: Natural light is often the most comfortable and comfortable light for human eyes. The closer the design of the light is to natural light, the better. Therefore, make full use of natural light and combine natural lighting with artificial lighting to make the lighting environment natural and comfortable.

2. Appropriate illuminance: The state stipulates that the illuminance of the office area should not be less than 300lx (the unit of the luminous flux of visible light per unit area of the illuminated object is lx).

3. Prevent glare: glare can cause fatigue and disgust. Long-term exposure can cause great damage to eyesight. From the perspective of maintaining the health of employees, preventing glare is a particularly important point. The use of baffles, panel lights, linear lights, lenses, baffles, etc. can avoid glare.

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