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What kind of LED light is best for stadium?

What kind of LED light is best for stadium?


The LED stadium lights are the new kind of LED light produced by the LED lighting. They create a bright experience for the fans, players in the field, and the TV viewers. They offer incredible experiences for it cover the sport and entertainment with better lighting. Compared to traditional lights, for example, HPS, metal halides, fluorescent lamps, and halogens, they are the better for stadiums and extensive sports fields. This is because they illuminate the soccer field even more and make it brighter and, at the same time, reducing energy consumption. It considerably saves the cost of electricity to illuminate the football, cricket, or baseball stadium. Here are some of the best LED stadium lights.


LED CHZ-DST2 Solar lighting


Essentially, these are the best LED stadium lights designed for outdoor sports fields, like soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, and rugby courts, among others. With superior LED chips and lumen of 130 lm/W, you save 80% energy after replacing HID, such as 2000W halogen or 400W metal halide lamps. Durability is greatly improved to the waterproof design, making it resistant to adverse weather like rain. Furthermore, to reduce heat inside the lamp, which can adopt a high conductivity of aluminum material. The infrared sensor is very sensitive to any movement of humans, which helps to avoid interference from anything. To improve its function of light control, it has a pathway indicator, Bluetooth APP, and human infrared sensor.


LED CHZ-ST29 Street light


It is an SMD3030 LED chip, which has excellent heat dissipation and heat sink fins. This exceptional LED light is necessary if the spotlights are placed on the roof of the stadium from a height of between 40 and 70 meters. It adopts the technology of flip-chip and, therefore, the size of the entire lamp is compact. Also, it has a professional lens design by having four different angles to offer different light requirements on the road or at the stadium. To deal with heat dissipation problems which affect the brightness and duration of the lights, it has a unique heat sink fins. This LED stadium light is a durable, corrosion-resistance, and metal connecting portion.


LED CHZ-ST31 Street lights


If you’re looking for properly and durable light, these LED stadium lights are the best, which are protected against corrosion because they are made of stainless steel. Having this type of LED light is the best because it has many appealing characteristics. Typically, it is built with a Nano PC reflector, which improves the whole light efficiency by 5%. It can be set at a high level at accurate to give enough light to the entire stadium. Its installation can be done in different ways, for example, connecting it to a lamppost, like a square tube, bracket, and round tube, among others


LED CHZ-FL23 Flood Light


This LED light is the best light that is offered in the market, fit to light large sports arenas. It is equipped with different degree beam color, which provides excellent light for places that are dark, be it the sports field, a barn, a rural area, or a stadium. Whatever the weather, it’s efficient and effective to illuminate these areas, because it is the corrosion resistance. Most importantly, it uses chips that can go to about 140lm/w, which has ultra-high brightness. This makes it suitable for outdoor lighting. Furthermore, it has the best CRI value for the high-definition broadcasting environment.


LED CHZ-FL22 Flood Lights


If you want the best LED stadium lights which can withstand the wet areas, then these LED lights are the best option. It doesn't matter if used indoors or outdoors; it can last for a long time. It resists shocks and vibrations; therefore, you don’t have to worry about a blow to death on a stormy day. You can either place the external control box behind the lamp body at the top of the tree or placed it at a distance at the bottom of the tree to facilitate access to driver maintenance and wiring. The low current design, which is unique, reduces the current loss and allows a distance of 30 m between the controller output and the lamp body. Also, it is known for having chips which go up to 140lm/w to give ultra-high brightness. There is optics precision designed to suit every application.

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