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Why outdoor LED street lights are worth promoting?

Why outdoor LED street lights are worth promoting?


In recent years, most of the departments and local governments are promoting outdoor LED street lights, and the good news of the LED lighting industry continues, especially the large domestic demand market in China, which provides convenience for the development of LED lighting.

When large sums of money are invested to promote outdoor LED street lights, are certain areas of technology mature and worth promoting? Is the use of outdoor LED street lights exposed to problems good or not? What problems need to be solved to promote LED lighting?

In the field of general lighting, certain types of LED lamp technology have developed multiple mature? Led lighting is developed from low power. Compared with high-power lighting such as outdoor LED street lights, household and commercial indoor LED lights, the technology is relatively more mature and suitable for promotion. However, qualified products for indoor LED lighting are at least 40 yuan per lamp, which is higher than fluorescent energy-saving lamps.

Not mastering high-end technology and expensive prices; lack of testing standards and uneven quality

Regarding outdoor LED street lights, the situation is not optimistic. The use of LED high-power integrated technology is not very mature and affects the lighting effect. Unlike other light sources, LEDs are “very afraid of heat”. If the heat dissipation system is not perfect, it will cause light decay and poor lighting effects. Generally, the lumens of the chip are the key factors that affect the luminous effect of the LED street lamp, but the high-end technology of the LED street lamp chip is abroad, and the cost of use is higher. At present, about 80% of domestic LED lamp chips are imported; the localization rate of indoor LED lamp chips is slightly higher.

Although the one-time purchase cost of LED street lamps is high, it is worth promoting to save energy, but it should meet the quality requirements. Sodium lamp. "

If we want to develop outdoor LED street lights, we need to continue to improve in certain areas?

"The biggest problem is to accelerate the breakthrough of core technology. Wait, investment attraction in some places has broken the market rules." Resulting in low levels of expenditure. "

In addition, there is currently no standard for product quality, power saving and other performance aspects. It is understood that for road lighting, the national guiding standard "Technical Specifications for Energy Saving of Road Tunnel Lighting Products" has been gradually introduced, but there is still a lack of uniform specifications in the quality inspection and evaluation of LED lights. "Without hard and unified standards, consumers lack judgment indicators when purchasing; instead, manufacturers' product quality is difficult to standardize, and it is easy to form a mess when bidding." some said.

Experts  believe that the specifications of chips and the specifications of mechanical parts should also be standardized, and quality control of LED lamps from the parts should be forced to force manufacturers who are aligned with the existing technology to improve product quality. The interface standards that are unified and cannot be unified should be improved by technology development. "

Some experts also said that LED street lights are mainly used for municipal roads, and the legal regulatory department must strictly monitor the circulation system and bidding system to prevent "gray marketing" and "public relations marketing" to regulate the development of the LED industry.

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