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Bilbao Workers’ Club Stadium Project Completed Successfully

Bilbao Workers’ Club Stadium Project Completed Successfully


Every December, I take a trip to Spain to visit our Spanish colleagues. In December 2023, colleagues from Argentina happened to come over, and everyone was gathered together, so happy.

Bilbao is located at the mouth of the Narvin River on the northern coast of Spain, on the southeast side of the Bay of Biscay, 12 kilometers away from the Bay of Biscay. It is one of the largest ports in Spain. The Névillon River runs through the center of the city, dividing the city into traditional and modern parts. The eastern area is the Old Town (Casco Viejo), where there are countless exquisite bars, small hotels and famous landmarks, such as the San Antòn Cathedral, the Gothic Cathedral and the famous Mercado de la Ribera old market. On the other side of the river are numerous modern buildings.

Over the years, with the rapid development of relations between China and Spain, friendly relations have developed between Spain and many cities in China. For example, on February 23, 1995, Bilbao officially signed a friendly exchange and cooperation agreement with Tianjin, China. Letter of Intent; On December 18, 2003, Bilbao established a sister city relationship with Qingdao, China. More and more Chinese people come to Bilbao to travel and look for investment opportunities, which in turn drives the development of Bilbao's economy. Bilbao, like the famous Biscay Bridge, has become a bridge of friendship and trade between the Chinese and Spanish peoples.

This time our Spanish company has completed the lighting renovation project of the Workers Club Football Stadium in MUNGIA, Bilbao. The stadium is often used as an amateur training and competition venue for local workers, and also serves as a training venue for the second-tier players of Athletic Bilbao. Due to many years of operation, many lights are broken and cannot meet modern football lighting standards. Because after careful consideration and selection, the owner handed over the lighting renovation project of the stadium to CHZ LIGHTING Spanish company.

After detailed on-site analysis and calculations, the project adopted CHZ-FL32-500W stadium lights. The quality of the lights is very good. It has passed TUV Süd's ENEC, CE, CB quality certification, and passed IP66 and IK09 tests. It has been successfully used. It has achieved good lighting effects in many stadiums and ports. After nearly half a month of intense construction, the stadium lights were installed in place. The following are on-site pictures:

The lighting effect of the venue at night completely exceeded the customer's expectations. The players' performance in playing football at night has improved a lot, and everyone is very happy. After the project, all the partners of CHZ LIGHTING had a drink together to celebrate the successful completion of another project, and were determined to win more lighting projects. CHZ LIGHTING will make more contributions to Bilbao's urban construction, energy conservation and environmental protection

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