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How Sports Light Fixtures Are Transforming Sporting Arenas?

How Sports Light Fixtures Are Transforming Sporting Arenas?


According to Topend Sports, there are billions of audiences of outdoor sports. In these sports cricket and football lie in the first positions. This audience can do anything to watch a single match in the stadium. However, what if during the match players show super aggressive behavior or traditional lights cause numerous blind spots?

Due to these situations, the audience can simply lose their interest in the game but also the revenue the stadium owner generates from these matches will decrease rapidly. So, to make the situation win-win for both the audience and the stadium owner you must have to replace traditional lights with
LED sports light fixture. To make your search easy we have compiled an article containing the benefits, buying guide and top products of sports light from our company. Keep reading!

Why Sports Light Fixtures?

The natural resources have been decreasing at a speed of 2*. In this case, if you're still using traditional lights then these lights are burdening your pockets. Following are a few reasons why you need to switch to Sport Light Fixers. Read them thoroughly:

Better Visibility For Spectators:

The LED lights are far better than traditional lights when it comes to Illuminating the ground. Even the audience loves to watch matches with high-quality lighting.

Reduction In Running Cost Of Stadium:

Economically LED lightning costs 70% to 85% lesser as compared to traditional lightning. Which helps a home team to practice as much as they can. Moreover, the stadium or any other outdoor place can also be given to lease to earn more from it.

Less Heat generation:

Traditional halogen or metal halide lamps become hot quickly. High production of heat not only affects the player physically but also makes them aggressive. On the other hand LED lights have different temperatures from warm to cool so these lights are best for less heat generation.

Flicker-Free Lightning:

If you’re a sport lover then you will know how painful flickers are during the match. They not only affect the visual but they also affect the performance of an athlete. The LED lights are highly controlled and the chances of flickering are almost impossible in these lights.

No Blindspots:

How hard it is to watch your favorite player returning to the pavilion due to the blind spots. Blind spots are also known as handicaps for playing ability. The LED lights help organizers reduce as many shadows as possible to increase the performance of an athlete.

Better Color Rendering:

The LED lights have a close-to-nature color rendering system to provide a better experience audience. Even if you’re watching the competition from your couch Our lights can help you to experience the same level of joy.

Things To Consider While Choosing The Best Sports Light Fixture:

There are a few things that every buyer needs to know before buying sports light fixers.

  • Beam angles:

The choice of beam angles for your stadium depends upon three factors.

1. Size of the area covered by the light

2. Lumen requirements

3. Height of the light

First, you have to figure out the answer to all these questions. Usually, flood lights have angles from 70 to 130 degrees which is quite good.

  • Weatherproofing:

Outdoor activities mostly experience unexpected weather conditions such as rain, humidity, and moisture. To select the best LED light you have to search for IP65 rating and even more than that.

  • Dimming ability:

The layers asked for this feature specifically so they can adjust the light according to day and night timing. That's why you also have to consider this for your stadium or court to get maximum bookings.

  • Fewer Maintenance Requirements:

I can understand how it feels if your traditional lights are burdening your pocket. However, don't you worry that LED lights have more lifespan and less requirement for maintenance? You have to go for a light which is more durable also.

  • High Lumen Lightning:

If your stadium is large and mostly used for smaller objects and longer viewing distances then you need high-lumen LED lights. On the other hand, if your outdoor place is used for larger objects such as basketball and cross-view distances then you must go for low-Lumen lightning.

  • Color Rending Index (CRI):

The CRI is measured from 0 to 100 where 100 means perfection. Most sports association accepts 80 scores as well. When you’re buying sports lights then make sure to choose the one with a great CRI index.

CHZ Lightning - Is It Legit?

CHZ Lighting

The CHz lightning needs no words to introduce itself. We have been working in the industry of lighting since 2010. Our company deals with the production, development and sales of lights. Under the supervision of Ph.D. Dr. Chen Dahua, we tried our best to utilize the best raw materials and techniques to develop the best lights in the world. We serve in the fields of Street lights, Solar lights, Flood lights, Garden lights, Sport lights Industry lights, Office lights, and tube lighting. For more information, you can check our official site here.

Product Highlights - Sports Light Fixture Available At CHZ Lightning:

The CHz designed numerous products under the supervision of experts. We believe to help you in the best way possible. That’s why we selected our three best products to review and make choice easy for you. The review for these products is as follows:

1. Best Stadium Lightning CHZ-FL38:


● This circular shape light is the new arrival in Sports lights. it is available in 4 beam angles to choose from i.e 25, 45, 60, and 90.

● This light effect measures 150 Lumen\Watt for Ra 70 and 140 Lumen\Watt for Ra 80.

● With a protection level of IP66, these lights are extraordinarily waterproof.

● This light can be easily customizable for tunnels, harbors, basketball and tennis court, and football fields.

● This LED light supports two color temperatures which are warm 2700K to cool 6500k.

● This LED lamp can transmittance light up to 94% with strong anti-UV performance.

2. High Power Stadium And Pole Light:

High Power Stadium And Pole Light

● This LED light is highly customizable as it is available in 4 beam angles which are 30/ 45/ 60 and 90.

● The light effect measures 200 Lumen\Watt.

● These lights are waterproof. They used to balance internal and external pressure to give the best result.

● Amazingly these lights are easily adjustable up to 270 degrees so that both viewers and players can enjoy the outdoor activity.

● These lights can easily be installed in football grounds, airports, tennis courts, and stadiums.

● The last thing these lights come up with various installation methods to target the mass area of customers.

3. LED Flood Light For Football Field:

LED Flood Light For Football Field

● These LED lights are available in three beam angles 30/60/90 so you can choose which fits you best.

● The light effect measures 120 Lumen\watt.

● This light has super heat dissipation as compared to any other light due to its ADC-12 material.

● The Flood light has 50% less consumption of energy which increases its lifespan.

● This light supports all the color-temperature formats like 4000K-warm, 5000K\ 5700K- Regular, and 6500K-Cool to fulfill your need. So you can set your light temperature according to the weather. This feature of this light is best for places where the weather is quite unpredictable.

Conclusion - Final words!

Like any other industry sport industry is also revolutionizing with every update in technology. The lighting system in any stadium or sports arena is vital to enjoying the game. Moreover, if you want to generate more revenue then you also have to give the best audience experience so that your stadium becomes nearly all booked.

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