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Sports Light Fixture & Stadium Lights Manufacturer/Supplier

CHZ Lighting is specialized in LED sports field lighting for over 13 years and now is the leading LED stadium lighting supplier for football field lights, basketball court lighting and other sport court lighting. The competitive advantage of CHZ LED sports field lighting:
1. Imported original chip, and high-quality light source.
2. CHZ stadium LED flood lights are internally and externally painted with long-lasting coating. They are built with high-pressure cast aluminum electric boxes, and stainless steel or chrome-plated fittings, making installation flexible and convenient. And the patented scuba technology makes the optical system more precise and efficient.
3. CHZ stadium LED floodlights/football field lights also feature high efficiency and long life. They not only help create a bright, diverse, long-lasting and innovative lighting environment but also greatly reduce your procurement and maintenance costs.
4. The vented enclosure design extends service life and improves performance.
5. The tempered glass lens protects the LED and is easy to clean.
6. An adjustable mounting bracket allows you to direct light easily to where you need it.
7. Fast delivery, usually 5-20 working days after payment, depending on the order quantity
8. Reliable quality, 5 years of warranty, and 50.000 hours of service life
9. All CHZ 
stadium LED floodlights, sport court lighting & football field lights will go through a 24-hour aging test prior to shipment. Our quality inspection department will do comprehensive tests, including lighting tests, power tests, high voltage tests, waterproof tests, ground tests, etc. The defect rate is strictly controlled to less than 0.1%. Quality is guaranteed, you can rest assured. Check the 
football field lighting solution & basketball court lighting system for details.

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