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Football Field Lighting 

Football stadiums can be divided into professional and amateur venues according to their purpose, and the requirements for illumination, uniformity, and glare of venue lights vary. Football field lighting needs to meet the following different requirements:

• On the premise of meeting the visual requirements of players and referees, football field lighting should minimize the adverse impact of lighting on the game; Meet the visual requirements of the audience and minimize the discomfort caused by lighting while watching the game; Meet photography and camera lighting requirements, and maximize image quality.

• In addition, amateur venues usually hold leisure football matches at night, and efficient lighting systems can fully attract people to participate in the game. Although the lighting brightness of such places is significantly lower than that of official activities, high standards should be maintained regarding uniform lighting efficiency, visual comfort, and avoiding interference with light. This is particularly important because leisure and sports facilities are typically residential.


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Football Field Lighting

The lighting quality of a football field mainly depends on the illuminance level, illuminance uniformity and glare control degree. The lighting level required by athletes is different from that of spectators. For athletes, the required lighting level is relatively low, while the purpose of spectators is to watch the game. The lighting requirements increase with the increase of viewing distance. The degree of light produced by the lamps depends on the density of the lamps, the projection direction, the quantity, the viewing position in the arena, the ambient brightness, etc.


The number of football field lighting fixtures is related to the number of auditorium seats in the stadium. Relatively speaking, the training field only needs to install simple lamps; while large stadiums need to install more lamps, and control the light beams to achieve the purpose of high illumination and low glare.

Amateur Football Field Lighting Layout

Amateur football field lighting method 1: Four corner lighting
• The installation position of the football field lighting lamp post: the installation position of the lamp post should be placed at least outside the contact area with an angle of 10° from the center point of the bottom line of the goal and a 5° angle from the center point of the sideline.
• The height of the lamp post: the installation height of the lamp should be based on the boundary area that can be projected into the area illuminated by the adjacent lamp post; the angle between the center point of the stadium and the lamp post should not be less than 25°.

Amateur football field lighting layout method two: side lighting method
• The more popular side lighting methods are 4 lamp posts, 6 lamp posts and 8 lamp posts.
• Installation position of side lighting system lamp post: It should be at least on both sides of the 10° line of the goal line, so that the goalkeeper can have a clear view from the goal to the corner flag.
• The installation height of the lamp post in the side lighting mode: the angle between the lowest point of the lamp on the lamp post and the parallel point corresponding to the center line of the stadium is not less than 25°.

Professional Football Stadium Lights Layout

Professional football field lighting layout method 1: four corner lighting
• Installation position of the lamp post: The installation position of the lamp post must be at least 15° from the center of the bottom line of the goal and outside the contact area of 5° from the center of the sideline.
• Calculation of the height of the lamp post: the angle between the center point of the court and the lamp post is not less than 25°


Lighting layout method 2 for professional football field: light strip layout position specification for longitudinal installation position of lamps and lanterns:
In order to maintain good visual conditions for players attacking from the corner and the goalkeeper, lighting equipment should not be placed within the 15° angle between the center points of the bottom lines of the goals on both sides.

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