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Importance of LED Street Lighting Luminaires - A Comprehensive Guide

Importance of LED Street Lighting Luminaires - A Comprehensive Guide


Have you ever seen a blind person walking without a cane? No, right? Then how can a person drive at night without proper street lights? Having sufficient light on the roads, especially at night, is super important, and people often neglect it. This negligence becomes a reason for millions of road accidents and deaths every year.

In order to have a safe and comfortable journey,
street lighting luminaires must be installed on the side of the roads or above the lanes. Streetlights not only increase your safety but also help you to drive more efficiently. Due to the lack of lighting knowledge in our society, the roads and highways are lit with traditional street lights, which are unsuitable illuminators. In addition to this, these lights consume more energy; hence the operational costs are also higher. Well, you don’t have to worry! Being a top LED Street Lighting manufacturer,  CHZ Lightning has got your back. Give this article a read to know more about streetlights that can meet your needs.

Why LED Street Lighting Luminaires?

Choosing a LED streetlight over a traditional one has many advantages. They both differ in several ways, including their efficiency levels, performance, design,  maintenance requirements, etc. We have mentioned some more benefits of LED Street Lighting Luminaires below, which will surely convince you of their importance.

 Design And Working

The traditional streetlight lights up when an electric current passes through gas or vapor as it works upon high-pressure sodium. In contrast, LED streetlight is designed in a way that, when an electric current passes through a semiconductor, it gives off light. This makes it work more efficiently than traditional lights.

 Elongated Life Span

Who does not want to invest in long-lasting gadgets? If you are one of those who think traditional lights will last long, then you are wrong. Conventional lights have a much shorter life span than LED Street Lighting Luminaires. The former can function for 10,000-20,000 hours, while LEDs can be operational for 25,000-100,000 hours or even more.

 Environmentally Friendly

LED lights emit low heat, consume less energy and power, and have longer lifespans, making them more environmentally friendly. On the other hand, traditional lights consume more power and energy, contributing to the emission of higher greenhouse gases.

✔ Better Quality

Being old, traditional lights have warm and yellowish color temperatures as they work on an HPS model. Therefore, they cannot provide proper visibility at night. Whereas LEDs possess a wide range of colors and can also be customized.

Essential Factors To Consider When Choosing The Most Suitable Street Lighting Luminaires

Having well-lit streets or roads is essential. Therefore, before purchasing your street lighting luminaires, here are a few things you must consider.

▪ Brightness & Illumination

It is really important to be aware of the amount of lumens required to light up a specific street or road. Different roads require different levels of brightness. For example, a highway would require higher illumination as compared to an ordinary street.

 Colour Temperature

You must choose a temperature that enhances the visibility of the street or road. Generally, luminaires with a cooler temperature are installed alongside roads to ensure safety.

 Energy Efficiency

Choose lights that are more energy efficient. To do so, you must check that the LED street light has a high rating of Lumens/Watt.

 Even Distribution Of Light

It is very important to choose street lighting luminaires that provide an even distribution of light across the street. This prevents the formation of shadows and increases safety.

▪ IP (Ingress Protection) Rating

A high IP Rating shows that the luminaire can be installed in places that might face harsh weather conditions like heavy rain.   

CHZ Lighting - Why Choose Us?

CHZ Lighting is the top and most renowned LED Light manufacturer in China, with its headquarters in Shanghai. We at CHz Lighting put our hearts and soul into manufacturing the best and most effective LED Lights for our customers. Our lights are exported to four main continents of the world, i.e., Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe. We have been a part of the lighting industry for over 10 years now. As a result of which, we are not just limited to producing a single category of LED lighting. Our core lighting items include road/street lighting, warehouse lighting, industrial plant lighting, stadium lighting, floodlighting, solar lighting, garden lighting, etc.

Street Lighting Luminaires Available at CHZ Lighting

We offer a diverse range of Street Lighting Luminaires at CHz Lighting. We have mentioned a few of them below.

1. Most Economical LED Light Fixture


CHZ-ST44 is one of the most economical LED Light fixtures that also does not compromise on quality. Here are a few of its features,

● It has an efficacy of 150 Lumens/Watt.

● The Ingress Protection (IP) is IP66.

● It comes with a well-protected aluminium casing that helps it survive the harsh climates.

● It can operate normally between -30°C to 45°C.

● It works well between the humidity range of 10%~90%.

Application: It can be installed alongside roads, cycling and walking paths, and parking areas.

2. Round LED Street Light Fixture


CHZ-ST26 is a rounded LED Street Light luminaire with the following characteristics,

● It has an efficacy of 130 Lumens/Watt.

● It is durable as it's made out of stainless steel, which also makes it corrosion-resistant.

● It has five different angles, which can illuminate the place to a great extent.

● It has a surge protection device installed. This extends the life of the product.

● It also contains photocells that help the fixture turn on and off automatically depending upon the amount of light falling on its surface.

Application: It can be placed alongside roads on already installed fixtures.  

3. LED Street Light With A Movable Handle


CHZ-ST39 comes with a movable handle making this LED street luminaire highly unique. Here are a few of its features.

● It has an efficacy of 130 Lumens/Watt.

● It comes with several colour temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K.

● It comes with three different beam angles, i.e., type II, type III, and type V.

● It has a protection level of IP66.

● It can operate well between -30°C to 60°C.

● It has an aluminium cast covering, which makes it resistant to corrosion.

● It has a movable handle that can be adjusted between 0-90°.

Application: It can be placed alongside express roads, parking areas, industrial areas, etc.  


Summing up, having proper streetlights which can give off sufficient light is extremely important. They are not just essential for efficient driving but also for you and your family’s safety. CHZ LED streetlighting luminaires are one of the best options available in the market. Our LED lights have a longer lifespan with a warranty of up to five years. Your best gadget to invest in is just a call away. Call us now and get your hands on the best-LED streetlighting luminaires!

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