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Bright Pearl on the Silk Road | Zhongbo Industrial Park Street Lighting Renovation Project

Bright Pearl on the Silk Road | Zhongbo Industrial Park Street Lighting Renovation Project


Recently, Shanghai CHZ Lighting successfully completed the road lighting renovation project of Zhongbo Industrial Park. While ensuring the safety of night traffic in the park, it also helped the park save a lot of electricity costs and achieved the green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting goals. As one of the first batch of enterprises in Zhongbo Industrial Park, Shanghai CHZ Lighting continuously improves its international operation level, makes full use of all resources, actively expands overseas markets, and provides professional and high-quality lighting fixtures and system solutions for overseas customers.

The China-Poland Industrial Park is located in the eastern suburb of Warsaw, the capital of Poland. It has a planned area of 91.5 square kilometers. The park is planned to have production and residential areas, office and commercial and entertainment complexes, financial and scientific research centers. Zhongbo Industrial Park is devoted to the construction of a new international city of five elements: ecology, livability, industrial development, vitality, and innovation. .

In order to facilitate the normal production and living needs of the park enterprises, and to ensure the safety of the night traffic in the park, the park management committee vigorously launched the street lamp reconstruction project in the industrial park. Shanghai CHZ Lighting has successfully become the supplier of this project by virtue of high-performance products and high-quality services. The original high-pressure sodium lamp in the park not only has poor lighting effect, but also consumes a large amount of electricity and has a short service life. Shanghai CHZ Lighting's tailor-made lighting transformation plan will effectively reduce power consumption, greatly improve the lighting effect, and further improve the supporting facilities of the park.

In this street lamp renovation project, Shanghai CHZ Lighting ST24-150W street lamp was selected to replace the original high-pressure sodium lamp, using Philips 3030 high-brightness lamp beads and MEANWELL driver. Outstanding advantages such as good performance, environmental protection and energy saving. After installation and testing, all lighting indicators of the road have reached the acceptance standard, and compared with the original high-pressure sodium lamp lighting system, it can save about 60% of energy consumption. After being put into use, the park has excellent road lighting effect and stable performance has been highly praised and affirmed by the customer.


In the field of urban road lighting, Shanghai CHZ Lighting has provided high-efficiency, energy-saving, comfortable, and durable LED street lighting products and solutions to customers at home and abroad through continuous and independent research and innovation. The successful completion of this project proves that Shanghai CHZ Lighting has certain technical and geographical advantages overseas. In the future, Shanghai CHZ Lighting will continue to promote the research and development and application of LED lighting technology and products, develop a broader market and write a brighter future with a more calm posture and firm pace.

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