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Choose Outdoor Solar Led Street Lights Or Traditional One?

Choose Outdoor Solar Led Street Lights Or Traditional One?


The question is clear and concise, and the answer is clear: choose a solar street light.

Although traditional street lights are inexpensive, people still prefer solar street lights. The use of LEDs in lighting decoration and general lighting is becoming more and more common. Street lighting has gradually chosen to use solar LED street lights instead of traditional high pressure sodium lamps. Although traditional road lighting is cheaper, it is the most energy-intensive lamp. If it is replaced with a solar LED street light, it will alleviate the problem of urban electricity shortage. Next, discuss the advantages of solar street lights over traditional street lights in terms of street light performance:

1.Solar road lighting has high efficiency and low power consumption

The traditional light output of street lights is usually between 65% and 70%, while that of solar street lights can reach 80% or more. Since traditional street lights are usually illuminated, a curved reflector is needed to focus the light, which can lead to loss of light source. The solar street light has good directivity, and simultaneously adopts efficient light distribution lens, which effectively avoids wasting the light effect. On the other hand, the gradation of traditional street lights has limits, and solar street lights can achieve dimming control in the range of 0% to 100% and can be flexibly adjusted according to the brightness and traffic conditions of the environment. This ensures both illumination and unnecessary energy consumption.

2.The costs of the public lighting system are low

When installing street lights, solar street lights do not need to dig trenches or lay cables, are powered by sunlight and have a good independent power system. The traditional floor lamp is just the low cost of the high pressure sodium lamp. Depending on the long-term power consumption, the cost of the solar street light system is lower. In addition, the solar street light can rely on the savings of electricity and maintenance to recover the difference between the initial cost and use, so that the total cost of the final purchase cost, electricity and maintenance cost is much lower than that of sodium vapor lamp.

3.Long life of solar street lights

The lifespan of the street light is directly linked to the maintenance cost of all public lighting. The lifespan of solar street lights can reach 50,000 to 70,000 hours, while traditional street lights only have 5,000 hours. This gap is still very large. In addition, solar street lights require fewer repairs, which significantly increases their lifespan. On the other hand, solar street lights have the function of intelligent supervision, which is convenient for remote intelligent control. Staff can keep up to date with the operation of street lights and deal with faulty street lights accurately and on time.

With the continuous development of the company, the energy consumption is increasing rapidly. The problem of energy scarcity and environmental pollution has become an important issue for current social development. CHZ Solar Lighting will actively respond to the call for energy conservation and emission reduction at the national level, and take advantage of the energy saving and environmental protection of solar street lights to help achieve energy conservation and reduced emissions! 

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