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Chz Lighting Indoor Basketball Stadium LED High Bay Industrial Light Project

Chz Lighting Indoor Basketball Stadium LED High Bay Industrial Light Project


Speaking of basketball, it is estimated that many people have the same passionate memory about it in different memories. Basketball is a very popular sport, with the growth and transformation of each generation. The wanton sweat on the basketball court and the spirit of refusing to admit defeat in the pursuit of competition. Basketball brings people not only physical exercise, but also mental tempering and personality reshaping.

Recently, CHZ Lighting successfully completed a basketball hall lighting project with the stadium industry lights, providing professional lighting solutions for Hubei Huangshi Bote Basketball Hall, bringing a comfortable and healthy sports light environment to the stadium.

Project Overview

Bote Basketball Stadium is a newly-built basketball stadium operated by Hubei Huangshi Sports Bureau. The project is a tent indoor basketball stadium lighting design. The field structure is 40 meters wide, 50 meters long, 12 meters high in the middle, and 6 meters high in the wall. CHZ Lighting proposes professional and efficient customized solutions based on the actual situation of the site and customer needs.

CHZ  Lighting Lighting Solution

For this project, Industrial light HB23-150W high-hanging lamps are used, and 72 lamps are installed in total. The total lighting power is 10.8KW. Compared with traditional metal halide lamps, it can save more than 60% energy. It will save customers more operating costs in later operation and maintenance. CHZ lighting stadium industry lights have outstanding performance in heat dissipation, optical design, material selection and craftsmanship, which can bring professional and comfortable lighting environment to the stadium. environment to the stadium.

The lighting of the venue adopts the way of lighting up the sky full of stars, and the lamps are arranged symmetrically in order to ensure the best uniform illumination of the venue space. The lighting has undergone professional lighting design. The average illuminance of the venue is above 558lx, and the uniformity of illuminance is about 0.73, which fully meets the industry standard amateur competition and professional training (II) requirements, allowing basketball enthusiasts to enjoy the passion and joy of sports.


Healthy and comfortable light environment

After careful and reasonable lighting layout and design, the stadium has sufficient brightness and uniform distribution, soft and bright light, effectively avoiding direct light and glare, and good control of spilled light, reducing light pollution and glare interference, and creating a good sports light environment for the stadium. At present, the venue has been put into use, and its healthy and comfortable lighting system has won unanimous praise from customers and sports enthusiasts.

In the field of stadium industry lights, CHZ Lighting has always adhered to high-quality products and independent technological innovation, and successively provided professional and accurate lighting solutions for a number of large-scale stadium lighting projects, fully demonstrating CHZ Lighting’s strong technical strength and brand influence . In the future, CHZ Lighting will make unremitting efforts to continuously temper its own innovation core, participate in more stadium lighting construction with high-quality products and professional solutions, use high-quality sport and stadium industry lighting to light up sports passion, and use quality to cast honor.


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