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CHZ lighting stadium floodlight case | Central China Normal University Sports Center Lighting Reconstruction Project

CHZ lighting stadium floodlight case | Central China Normal University Sports Center Lighting Reconstruction Project


As a century-old famous school, Central China Normal University has always attached great importance to physical education. Through continuous innovation of sports activities, efforts have been made to improve the construction of sports infrastructure, create a good campus sports culture atmosphere, and achieve healthy and happy growth of students. Recently,CHZ-LIGHTING successfully completed the lighting renovation project of some venues in the Sports Center of Central China Normal University, and customized a complete set of systematic lighting solutions for it to help create a healthy and energy-saving sports lighting environment.

Project Overview

Central China Normal University, located in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, is a key comprehensive normal university directly under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, a key construction institution of the national "211 Project" and "985 Project Advantage Discipline Innovation Platform", a national "double first-class" construction university, and a national Build a high-level university public-affiliated graduate program, a national college student cultural quality education base, the first batch of doctoral and master's degree granting units in the country, and a national pilot university for free education for normal students


Central China Normal University Sports Center is located in the north of the campus, including basketball gymnasium, indoor table tennis room, fitness gym, comprehensive hall, martial arts hall, etc. Due to many problems in the original sports lighting system, such as substandard illumination, uneven distribution, and high glare, it cannot meet the daily needs of teachers and students. To this end, the ShanghaiCHZ-LIGHTING technical team creates professional lighting solutions according to the relevant national lighting standards and customer requirements, to improve the poor lighting effect of the original site in an all-round way, and create a healthy lighting environment.

Professional Lighting Solutions

Basketball gym lighting renovation

The basketball stadium uses 54 FL39-200WCHZ-LIGHTING professional stadium lights, replacing the original 108 400W metal halide lamps, which are installed on both sides of the stadium in the way of madhouse lights. After scientific lighting design, when the number of lamps is halved, the average illuminance of the venue reaches more than 1000lx, which is at least 1 times higher than the original illuminance, and the uniformity reaches 0.8, which meets the lighting standards of Class III professional competitions.      



Basketball hall before renovation


Basketball hall after renovation

Table tennis room lighting renovation

The indoor table tennis room originally used 36 1000W lighting light boxes, the glare was serious and unevenly distributed, and the field illumination was less than 100lx, which was not conducive to the development of table tennis. In order to ensure the professionalism of table tennis lighting,CHZ-LIGHTING uses 124 36W professional anti-glare LED panel lights, which are made of special water chestnut plates, UGR<19, and are reasonably arranged above the venue. After testing, the average illuminance of the venue is above 300lx, the uniformity is above 0.6, the light is soft and bright, and there is no glare interference. The healthy eye-protecting light makes the eyes more comfortable.


Professional anti-glare panel light


Table tennis hall before renovation

Table tennis hall after renovation

Fitness Room Lighting Retrofit

The fitness room uses 70 150W professional anti-glare LED lamps, which are directly replaced according to the original lighting method. The average illumination of the venue is above 300lx, and the uniformity is above 0.6, which exceeds the actual needs of customers. Compared with the original lighting scheme, the lighting quality of all venues has been comprehensively improved, the lighting is evenly distributed, there is no dark area, the vision is clear and bright, the performance of the lamps is stable, and the energy efficiency is higher, which not only ensures good lighting effects, but also meets the goals of energy saving and consumption reduction. . The new lighting environment will bring the school teachers and students a more invigorating sports enjoyment.



Fitness Room Before Remodelfitness room after renovation


After the lighting renovation of these venues is completed, the lighting effect has been greatly improved, and it has also been highly praised by the teachers and students of the whole school. Next, the CHZ-LIGHTING team will carry out the lighting renovation work of other venues.

In the field of sports lighting,CHZ-LIGHTING has accumulated rich experience in stadium lighting projects with the help of high-quality lighting products and professional service capabilities, and has created many classic project cases all over the country. In the future,CHZ-LIGHTING will continue to cultivate with a more professional attitude, constantly temper its own innovation core, and bring a new lighting experience to more stadiums and sports events by creating professional sports lighting lighting design.

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