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CHZ Road Lighting Project was successfully completed in Manila, Philipine

CHZ Road Lighting Project was successfully completed in Manila, Philipine


On February 8, 2023, our road lighting project in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, was successfully completed, with a total number of 400 sets.

The street lamp used this time is our ST40 series street lamp, which is an ultra-thin street lamp developed to meet the Southeast Asian market. It uses SMD5050 chip and MW drive, with a 5-year warranty and high cost performance. It has successfully passed the CE, CB and ROHS certification issued by TUV-SUD certification authority. As soon as the product was launched, it quickly won wide favor in the market.



The project is used in a new industrial park in the suburbs of Manila. The park has introduced a large number of foreign-funded enterprises, including scientific and technological enterprises in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan, China, China. The construction of the park is highly valued by the leaders of Manila and the park. Our ST40 street lamp stands out in the competition of many products and wins this project.

After more than two months of installation, more than 400 sets of ST40-100W street lamps have been installed in place; On February 8, the lights began to be lit, and the overall lighting effect was very good, which won a lot of applause. The 8-meter-high lamp pole, with a distance of about 30 meters, was tested, and the maximum illumination reached 38.9 LX, and the minimum illumination reached 18.7 LX, which completely exceeded the customer's expectations.




Government officials are very satisfied with the lighting effect, which has greatly improved the grade of the park and will be very helpful for subsequent investment promotion. We hope to continue to cooperate with our company in the follow-up park projects.

Our company will, as always, provide customers with high-quality products and services, forge high-quality projects, create more value for customers, and let Made in China win more applause from the world.

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