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How much do you know about the development history of street lamps?

How much do you know about the development history of street lamps?


Nowadays, street lights on the streets are everywhere, illuminating people's night travel environment, and they are favored by people. The appearance of lighting has brought great changes to mankind. So, do you know the history of the development of road lighting? What was used for lighting in ancient streets? 

The development history of street lamps is a history of entrepreneurship in pursuit of light. Let's first introduce the development history of street lighting.

1. In ancient Rome, the rich used vegetable oil lamps to illuminate their doorsteps. Special slaves are responsible for lighting, extinguishing and watching the lights.

2.1417, the Mayor of London ordered all families to hang lanterns outdoors during winter nights. This is the first public street lighting organized by the government, and it is the initial form of street lights.

3.1802, the Scottish inventor William Murdoch initiated a movement towards more efficient street lighting. His gas lamp illuminates the exterior of the Soho Foundry and shows it to the public. Five years later, London had its first street illuminated by gas lamps.

4.1816, Baltimore became the first city in the United States to install street lighting with steam lamps. In 1820, Paris followed closely.

5.1878, Paris installed the world's first arc street light. Three years later, 4000 arc street lamps were installed, effectively replacing the steam lamps installed on the lamp posts.

6.1879, Edison successfully made an incandescent bulb with carbon fiber as the filament, which changed the world and promoted the development of bulbs for street lights.

7. The low-pressure sodium lamp was invented in Europe in the 1930s. These lamps consist of a movable housing and a vacuum insulation layer, which emit light using low-pressure sodium vapor discharge.

8. American Nick Holonyak Jr. developed the first practical visible light-emitting diode (LED) in 1962.

9. In 1965, the American GE company introduced the high-pressure sodium lamp (HID), which has outstanding color and efficiency compared with the low-pressure sodium lamp. At present, HID lights are still the most common type of street lights on the planet.

10. The current LED has a longer life, produces better light, uses less energy than HID lamps, and is known as the most promising green lighting source in the 21st century. . Although LEDs only accounted for a small portion of American street lights a few years ago, the pace of adoption is advancing by leaps and bounds. With the rapid rise of LEDs, as the world's most eye-catching new generation of light sources, HID street lights may soon disappear like the previous lights.

11. With the generation of solar power generation, street lights can directly generate electricity from natural light sources, plus new light sources such as LEDs, which is just as powerful as a tiger.

12. In 1993, the concept of smart cities emerged quietly around the world. Many developed countries have actively carried out smart city construction, organically connecting public service resources such as water, electricity, oil, gas, and transportation in the city through the Internet. Responding to better serve the needs of citizens in study, life, work, medical care, etc., and improve the government's traffic management, environmental control, and so on. The earliest smart street light was developed by a German company, and a charging pile was installed on the ordinary street light. In 2008, at the Foreign Relations Council held in New York, IBM put forward the concept of "smart earth", which in turn triggered an upsurge of smart city construction.

Since ancient Rome, street lighting lamp has come a long way. In the future, it will also develop at a high speed in the direction of more energy saving, more environmentally friendly and smarter.

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