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How To Choose Reliable Led Solar Street Lights Manufacturer?

How To Choose Reliable Led Solar Street Lights Manufacturer?


Some customers choose to trust intermediaries for the purchase of led solar street lights, which not only achieves high profit, but also makes it impossible for manufacturers to deal with after-sales service issues. some customers are scammed by leather bag companies or small workshops because of their low prices. As a result, the defective products that cut the corners were cut off; while some customers could not find reliable suppliers, but they were delayed in the delivery date and ultimately had to bear the losses themselves ... So how do you find reliable led solar street lights? The manufacturers of street lights have become the most worrying issue for buyers.

First step

You need to make sure that the company that quoted you is a fully qualified manufacturer. Second, the product he makes is not the essential part of the led solar street lights. It produces the essential components of the solar lights. The most direct and efficient way to confirm the above information is to come to the factory for a personal inspection. Experience is more effective than anything else.

Second step

Manufacturers also have qualities, small family-style workshops, small processing plants, small factories that produce individual components and other components assembled outside. The reliable manufacturer should be a professional manufacturer who thoroughly researches the entire solar street lighting system. Therefore, whether the manufacturer is professional or not, it depends on whether the manufacturer has a deep technical precipitation for the entire solar system.

The professional level of the manufacturer can be reflected in the following aspects:

1. If it has more than three years of experience in solar street lighting industry;

2. If you have a professional technical team (the team size is more than 3 people);

3. Is the research on the configuration of the solar power system deep enough to know whether it can demonstrate the process of calculating the configuration, how the configuration constant is obtained and whether it has been verified experimentally?

4, The main components of led solar street lights such as: controllers, batteries, solar modules, LED lights, etc., have not performed performance testing, side comparison testing, conversion testing efficiency, etc.

5. Can you independently develop new products?

If you can do the above, it can be considered a relatively professional manufacturer in the industry. Simply put, the manufacturers who can provide reasonable prices, excellent quality, and excellent after-sales service are reliable manufacturers.

As a production R&D manufacturer with more than ten years of professional experience, CHZ solar Lighting has professional R&D team, production team, sales team, customer service and after-sales team. It therefore has certain advantages:

*1, cost-effective, product prices in the mainstream market price range or lower than the mainstream price;

*2, the product is not bad, the product is not allowed to make errors in delivery, quality, transportation, installation, etc., or the error is also resolved in advance by the manufacturer at the factory, the customer is not in contact;

*3. Over the long time (during the warranty period), there is no fault, no after-sales service, no after-sales problem, manufacturers actively deal with and take the initiative to take responsibility. corresponding.

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