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How To Choose The Stadium Led Sport Lighting Source?

How To Choose The Stadium Led Sport Lighting Source?


Holding different events in the same venue can indeed save resources to a certain extent, and multiple use of a venue can also avoid waste of venues. However, there are also certain problems in this way. The lighting required for sports games and cultural performances is different. , Basketball games and table tennis games also have different requirements for contrast. Even formal games and daily training are two environments. 

This requires soprt lighting to be able to switch between different modes! A single light can no longer satisfy the increasingly diverse venues!

Lighting is one of the important links to fully reflect the function of the stadium. The focus of the stadium lighting is the sport lighting, that is, the competition lighting; followed by general lighting, auditorium lighting, emergency lighting, venue lighting, building interior lighting, indoor lighting and road lighting Wait. 

These are all important components of stadium lighting; how to meet the scene lighting of various competition venues, so that the color temperature, illuminance, glare, color rendering index, etc. all meet the prescribed standards. This is not only the choice of lamps, but also depends on the choice and distribution of the lighting system.

The choice of light source:

1. For stadiums with high lighting installation height, high-suspension fluorescent lamps, high-efficiency LED projection lamps, and metal halide lamps should be used as the light source.

2. For indoor gymnasiums with low ceilings and small areas, high-suspension fluorescent lamps and low-power LED lamps should be used.

3. Special lamps can be used as light sources in special places, such as explosion-proof lamps.

4. The power of the light source should be compatible with the size, installation location and height of the competition venue. Outdoor stadiums should adopt high-power and medium-power LED lamps and metal halide lamps, and ensure that the light source works uninterrupted or starts quickly.

5. The light source should have suitable color temperature, good color rendering, high luminous efficiency, long life and stable lighting and photoelectric characteristics.

6. Glare is directly related to the lighting method, installation height, angle, and power of the lamp. For places with high glare requirements, it is recommended to use high-hanging fluorescent lamps or adjust the height and angle to reduce the glare of the lamps.

Luminous mode: Point light source (LED, metal halide lamp), features, single point high luminous efficiency, large glare, difficult to control;

Surface light source (high suspension fluorescent lamp, high suspension LED lamp), uniform illumination, low glare.

7. The correlated color temperature and application of the light source can be determined by the following table. Correlated color temperature and application of light source

Correlated color temperature (K) hue for stadium applications <3300 warm color small training venues, non-competition venues 3300~5300 intermediate color training venues, competition venues>5300 cool colors.

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