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How To Choose The Suitable Stadium Sport Lighting?

How To Choose The Suitable Stadium Sport Lighting?


Stadium sport lighting sources can be incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps and other types of lamps. These light sources have certain advantages, but they also have certain limitations. For example, stadium lighting requires high color rendering and color temperature to meet the needs of TV broadcasting. At the same time, the light source should ensure the most sufficient light intensity under the premise of the most energy-saving, in line with the principle of economical design. 

After years of research and practice, metal halide lamps are widely used as the light source of sports lighting in the world. Small gymnasiums have lower ceilings and more use of incandescent lamps.

In addition to the type of luminaire, the gymnasium should also choose according to the lighting efficiency of the luminaire. Commonly used are deep-illuminated, oblique-illuminated or flood-illuminated luminaires. These types can not only ensure the illumination of the horizontal plane, but also ensure the verticality. The illuminance of the surface.

Due to the large space of indoor gymnasiums, most of the light sources adopt the method of adding reflectors to improve the efficiency and intensity of light. However, due to the fierce sports such as balls, most of the light sources need to be equipped with protective nets. Moreover, the location of the ceiling is relatively high, and the lamps and lanterns have certain difficulties in installation, maintenance and maintenance.

The lighting control system of a comprehensive gymnasium stadium sport lighting should have the following characteristics:

1) The light source has good color temperature and color rendering, and sufficient illumination, which can meet the daily training and competition needs of athletes;

2) Improve the lighting layout plan and simplify the operation steps, thereby reducing operating costs; 

3) In addition to the basic lighting needs, in order to cooperate with various commercial activities, the lighting should be fashionable.

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