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How To Judge The Price Quality Of High Power Solar Street Light?

How To Judge The Price Quality Of High Power Solar Street Light?


For the customer it may be a question of which kind of street light to choose is the most profitable, we all want to buy something cheap. However, people generally know little about solar street lights. They don't know how to assess the price and quality of solar street lights.

The price component of solar power street light is closely linked to its own configuration. 

Specific to each component, its performance and quality have a direct relationship. For example, the composition of solar power street lights is usually LED light source, solar panels are also called solar battery components, solar batteries are also called lead-free batteries (colloid-free maintenance batteries), street lights, light control + time control controllers etc, and each part will have a major impact on the whole system. Therefore, if the price of solar street lights is low, at least one or two parts of the whole system will not meet the quality requirements. It will not cause problems for electronic products in the short term, but long-term use will cause the work of the whole system. Unstable, failure or material damage.

Is the longer the manufacturer's warranty period the better?

Obviously not, as this is really "sheep's wool", the company's warranty costs will inevitably be included in the unit selling price. If the warranty is 5 years, the warranty cost is quite high, and if the unit price is much lower than the market price, it can only show that its quality is much lower than the market product, otherwise where will the company's profit come from? For example, let's buy a laptop and weigh 4000 yuan for two years. However, if we extend the warranty for one year, we have to pay an additional 500 yuan. Isn't that the so-called long-term guarantee? Therefore, what we want is not quality assurance we should say, this is a real product. After all, after purchasing the product, we don't expect it to be bad and let it fix later. It is not good for everyone, so it is necessary to buy the product. Look at the quality.

With the initial intention of responding to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, CHZ Lighting designs, develops and produces the highest quality and most environmentally friendly solar street lights for satisfy customers and contribute to the development of the sector.

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