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CHZ Lighting case led stadium field lights | design of main stadiums for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games

CHZ Lighting case led stadium field lights | design of main stadiums for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games


The 19th Asian Games will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province from September 10 to 25, 2022. In addition to Hangzhou as the main competition area, the Asian Games will set up three sub-competition areas: Ningbo, Wenzhou and Jinhua. The theme of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games is "Green, Smart, Frugal, and Civilized". This article mainly introduces the sports lighting design of 4 Asian Games venues including Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Main Stadium, Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Tennis Center, Wenzhou Olympic Sports Center Main Stadium, and Chun'an Stadium Cycling Hall.

The main stadium of the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center (also known as the "Big Lotus") has been completed. In 2019, it successfully hosted Leehom Wang's "Long Descendants 2060" World Tour and Alibaba's 20th Anniversary Annual Meeting. The Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Tennis Center Final Hall (also known as "Little Lotus") has been completed.

Lighting Design of Main Stadium of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center

Project Overview

The Hangzhou Olympic Center main stadium project is an important carrier for Hangzhou to host international and domestic large-scale competitions and to create a "powerful sports city in the province". It is the main venue for the 2022 Asian Games, located on the south bank of Hangzhou Qiantang River and east of the third Qianjiang Bridge-Binjiang Xincheng and Qianjiang Century City block in Xiaoshan District. The main stadium looks like a lotus flower with a dynamic and elegant shape, consisting of 28 large petals and 27 small petals. The shape is inspired by the Hangzhou silk texture and textile system, and the architectural form is derived from the dynamics of the Qiantang River, with simple petal units, like a beautiful lotus blooming on the banks of the Qiantang River. The stadium is used for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games track and field and football finals and the opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Games. The total construction area of the stadium is 213692m2, and the height of the stadium is 59.4m; there are six floors above ground and one underground floor; the total number of seats is 80011; the building category is a super large sports building.

Figure 1 shows the rendering of the main stadium of the Hangzhou Olympic Center

Sports lighting design

Sports lighting level. According to JGJ153-2016 "Sports Stadium Lighting Design and Testing Standards", the regulations of sports stadium lighting classification

As shown in Table 1.

The main stadium of the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center is the main venue of the Asian Games, undertaking the opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Games, football, track and field competitions [5, 6]. "Requirements for the construction of venues for the 19th Asian Games in 2022-Track and Field/Football" Article 5.1.1 "Requirements for Use" stipulates that the lighting requirements during the competition should be designed in accordance with the utilization of the venues after the game, and the lighting system should be classified, Sub-regional control, switch and switch control of each lighting mode. The illuminance requirements of various levels of modes should meet the relevant requirements of JGJ153-2016 "Sports Stadium Lighting Design and Testing Standards", and an intelligent venue lighting control system should be adopted. The sports lighting of the Asian Games venues is recommended to be set up according to the V~Ⅵ standard.

The lighting standards of the project site are designed according to the HDTV broadcast of major national and major international competitions in Table 2. The horizontal illuminance of the podium is not less than 200lx, and the minimum horizontal illuminance of the auditorium is not less than 50lx. The average level of illuminance of safety lighting for auditoriums and sports venues is not less than 20lx.

2) Selection of sports lighting fixtures. According to the requirements for the light source of the "2022 19th Asian Games Stadium Construction Requirements-Track and Field/Football" [5, 6], LED lights or metal halide lamps should be preferred; the lighting source should have an appropriate color temperature, and the color temperature should not Above 6000K, it has good color rendering, high luminous efficiency, long life and stable ignition and photoelectric properties. In order to ensure the best working environment for the end-point camera, the lighting designed for this range should ensure that the lighting of Ev=1400lx can be provided for all the end-point areas to ensure the needs of shooting and the need for aperture adjustment from day to night.

The design time for the main stadium of the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center began in 2009. At that time, the more mature lamps on the market were metal halide lamps, so metal halide lamps were used in the initial design. With the gradual maturity of high-power LED technology, the advantages of LED lamps are gradually emerging. The application advantage of LED lighting system in sports lighting is "flexibility, flexibility and ease of operation." LED lighting has redefined the lighting function of stadiums, thereby transforming the comfort, system flexibility and event atmosphere to new heights. Compared with metal halide lamps, LED lamps and metal halide lamps have large differences in luminous efficiency and performance. LED lamps of different quality also have great differences in luminous efficiency, as shown in Table 3.’

In a comprehensive comparison, the venue lighting, auditorium lighting, emergency lighting, and training ground lighting fixtures of this project all use LED lights. The venue lighting uses 1400W lamps, color temperature 5700K, color rendering index 90, LED lamps power factor greater than 0.9, total harmonic distortion rate (THDi) not greater than 10%, and stroboscopic ratio less than 1%. Auditorium lighting, emergency lighting and training venue lighting use 1150W lamps with a color temperature of 5700K and a color rendering index of 75. The power factor of the LED lamps is greater than 0.9, the THDi is not greater than 10%, and the flicker is less than 1%.

3) Lighting method. The main stadium of the Hangzhou Olympic Center is equipped with double circular horse tracks. The middle of the front row of horses is equipped with double-layer lights, and the back row of horses is of single row of lights. The layout of the horses is shown in Figure 2.

The width of the road is 1.2m and the height is 1.8m. The cable tray is installed in layers on the same side of the inner wall of the horse track with a 0.4m distance between the upper and lower sides, as shown in Figure 3.

The installation distance of the lamps is greater than 500mm. In this way of lighting, there is a good heat dissipation channel between the lamps, which avoids poor heat dissipation and mutual thermal influence of the lamps.

The stadium is oval as a whole, and the equestrian track is also arranged in an oval ring shape, which is more consistent with the shape of the stadium. Sports lighting fixtures adopt approximately symmetrical arrangement of long-axis and short-axis lamps. There are higher requirements for the contrast in the front and back of the track finish line to meet the requirements of the arbitration camera's Figure 3 horse track lamp installation drawing, and 4 sets of lamps have been added. 644 sets of 1400W LED professional sports lighting fixtures are selected for the lighting of the competition venue, 68 sets of 1150WLED professional sports lighting fixtures are selected for the auditorium lighting, and 20 sets of 1150WLED professional sports lighting fixtures are selected for the emergency lighting of the venue. Illumination calculation is shown in Table 4.

4) Intelligent lighting control system.The lighting control mode adopts intelligent control, and the lighting control mode is shown in Table 5. Set the lamp parameters in Table 6. The dimming control system uses physical buttons combined with touch screen control, which can realize touch screen control anytime and anywhere within the coverage of the local area network.


The lighting control system adopts the DMX512 dimming protocol, and the communication protocol should be open and can be connected with other lighting control systems. When other lighting control systems are connected to or shared with the site lighting control system, they shall not affect the normal use of site lighting. The dimming control is shown in Figure 4. The program can be modified at any time or a new program can be compiled and imported. The control system should have an automatic branching delay start function to prevent the inrush current from the centralized start of the lamps.The illuminance of the competition venue needs to achieve the highest level of high-definition broadcast and can achieve a step-by-step reduction mode. The lighting control needs to realize real-time turn on and off, light show, music and light linkage functions, to meet the sports display function during the event, and to meet different levels of events through dimming Different illumination requirements for activities.

Each drive box has a built-in control panel, and all drives can be connected one by one through the signal control line to realize the functions of dimming control and remote diagnosis.

The rated current of the intelligent lighting control system controller is not less than the calculated current of its loop, and the rated voltage of the controller is consistent with the rated voltage of the loop where it is located. Since the controller is installed in the control cabinet, it is a poor heat dissipation place, and Hangzhou is high in summer, so the derating factor is 0.8~1.

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