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Indoor LED Sports Lighting Renovation for the School Gymnasium

Indoor LED Sports Lighting Renovation for the School Gymnasium


In recent years, the overall physical fitness of Chinese students has shown a downward trend, while the obesity and myopia rates have shown an upward trend. The reason is that academic pressure and lack of physical exercise have seriously affected the health of students. The strength of a young man lies not only in his intelligence, but also in his strong physique and will. Strengthening school physical training and shaping students' physical fitness has become an urgent need for quality education.

CHZ Lighting has accumulated many years of innovative experience in sports light, and can provide customers with a full range of customized services and technical support. Recently, the gymnasium of Nanxiang Middle School in Jiading District, Shanghai has successfully completed the lighting upgrade.CHZ Lighting has provided it with professional and reliable  lighting solutions. With high-quality sport lighting products and scientific lighting design, it has created a healthy and comfortable sports light environment.

Project Overview

Nanxiang Middle School in Jiading District, Shanghai is located in Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai. It is a four-year government-run school with 4 grades and 30 classes with more than 1,200 students. The school insists on people-oriented, actively strengthens physical education, promotes the all-round development of all students, and makes every effort to train socialist builders and successors. In order to improve the level of sports facilities, the school launched a gymnasium sport lighting renovation project to help teachers and students grow up healthily by creating a healthy light environment.


Before the renovation, the venue used 116 400W traditional metal halide lamps. The light in the venue was unevenly distributed, glare and stroboscopic were serious, and energy consumption was large. Not only did it fail to meet the national energy conservation, environmental protection, and emission reduction requirements, but also The visual health of school teachers and students is extremely harmful. The client requested that the lighting quality of the venue be improved while taking into account the goals of energy saving and consumption reduction and operating cost savings.

In order to solve the above problems, the project finally adopted CHZ Lighting FL32-250W CPH200 sport lights, and installed a total of 32 lamps. The venue is 9 badminton courts, with lights on both sides, effectively avoiding direct light and reflection into the eyes. The project took 22 days from design communication to installation and commissioning. The tailor-made lighting solutions created a comfortable lighting space for customers.

Healthy sports light environment

The renovated venue lighting not only fully meets the customer's requirements for lighting quality, but also greatly improves the energy-saving effect and operating efficiency. Test data shows that the average illuminance of the venue is above 750LUX, and the uniformity of illuminance is above 0.6, which meets the industry standard professional competition (Ⅲ) level requirements. The lighting of the venue is soft and bright, the glare is well controlled, the performance of the lamps is stable, and the energy efficiency is higher, and the life is longer. Compared with the original lighting system, it saves more than 70% of energy, which brings a better lighting experience for school teachers and students.

In the field of indoor sports lightingCHZ Lighting has always insisted on high product quality and independent technological innovation, and successively provided professional and accurate lighting solutions for a number of large-scale indoor stadium lighting projects, fully demonstrating CHZ Lighting’s strong technical strength and brand influence. In the future, CHZ Lighting will make unremitting efforts to continuously temper its own innovation core, participate in more sports stadium lighting construction with high-quality products and professional solutions, and use high-quality lighting to light up sports passion, and strive to become a well-known brand of sports lighting in China.

After Sport Lighting Renovation of the Gymnasium



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