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Lighting renovation of one stadium of Portugalete successfully completed

Lighting renovation of one stadium of Portugalete successfully completed


Bilbao (Spanish: Bilbao) is a city in Spain. Located in the north of Spain, it is the original settlement of sailors in the Basque Country, famous for exporting iron ore and making ironware. Bilbao is the center of socio-economic development of the Basque Country and the fundamental embodiment of the modernization of the Golfo de Vizcaya. Bilbao's beautiful scenery, with its forests, mountains, beaches and coasts, attracts countless tourists every year for sightseeing and leisure. Modern transport and an extensive road network connect the main cities of the Basque Country, Nebilbao, Vitoria and the surrounding areas of San Sebastián.




Recently, the Spanish team of CHZ LIGHTING has completed a lighting renovation project for the football field, which is located in Portugalete Leioa, under Bilbao, Spain. Regular-level competition grounds. The stadium used 1500W metal halide lamps (HID) before, which consumes a lot of electricity, and the light decay is very serious, and there is a certain stroboscopic, which has a great impact on daily training and competition.


CHZ LIGHTING Spain is located in Bilbao, with local offices and warehouses; through years of professional market cultivation by the local team, CHZ LIGHTING has established very high fame and good reputation in the local market. The local club directly contacted our team; after on-site investigation, design and in-depth communication by our engineers, a complete lighting replacement solution was specified, using our FL32 stadium lights, including 250W, 500W, 750W, 1000W four kinds power, and three beam angles of 10°, 45°, and 60°, so that the average illuminance and uniformity can meet customer requirements and meet the TV broadcast requirements of domestic events.





After confirming the plan with the client, our team started the intense construction phase.










After nearly 20 days of intensive day and night construction by the Spanish engineering team of CHZ LIGHTING, all our high-efficiency and green FL32 stadium lights were installed and debugged accurately.











After testing, all performance indicators have met the relevant requirements of football field lighting, Club players and surrounding football fans are also very satisfied with the lighting effect.


In the future, CHZ LIGHTIN will continue to consolidate its own innovation core, participate in the construction of more stadium lighting with high-quality products and professional solutions, use high-quality lighting to light up the passion of events, and make greater contributions to the development of the world's sports lighting industry.

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