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Nanxiang MEGA outdoor basketball court lights shining

Nanxiang MEGA outdoor basketball court lights shining


Shanghai Nanxiang MEGA City is located in the core area of Nanxiang, Jiading, northwest of Shanghai’s main urban area, at the exit of Chenxiang Road of Metro No. 11, and is located in the "10-minute radiation area" of the Hongqiao Transportation Comprehensive Hub, surrounded by Jiamin Elevated , S6 elevated and S5 Hujia Expressway, G15 Shenhai Expressway. The total volume of the project is 340,000 square meters. Since its opening on August 25, 2020, it has surpassed Shanghai Global Harbor and has become the largest shopping mall in Shanghai with a single area.






The name of the mall is MEGA, which means that this mall will innovatively integrate and extend the four elements of Meet, Eco, Global and Art to create a beautiful life scene of DISCOVER MEGA in a giant commercial complex; it creates not only It is the encounter scene of consumers, and it emphasizes not only social encounter between people, but also beautiful encounter between people and quality life.




Shanghai MEGA City uses the history and culture of a thousand-year-old town as the background, introduces modern urban fashion, and conveys the eclectic cultural concept of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign. The shopping mall combines the circular movement, with "Crane Traveling to Nanxiang" as the cultural context, and has set up three topics, named after "Crane Dance", "Crane Sing" and "Crane Rest" respectively. The mall also seamlessly integrates architecture and landscape, commercial space and life aesthetics, creating a green ecological commercial space through characteristic experience scenes such as double sunken theme plazas, roof gardens, sky runways, immersive ecological botanical gardens, and landscape retreats.




The roof design of MEGA City is very similar to Q'S MALL in Osaka, Japan. It connects various sports function areas through the runway. Q'S MALL takes sports retail and sports experience as the leading positioning, creating a healthy and vibrant living space for community commercial sports. The entire mall is designed as 6 floors, with different functional areas such as shopping, catering, education, cinema, skating rink, etc.; the 6th floor is an outdoor sports area. The sky runway, which can be seen from the facade, runs through the entire roof landscape area. Along the track area, you can see the rooftop football field, basketball court, and mini golf course. In the basketball court, you can also see the six-story fitness pool area, which increases the interaction between the inside and outside of the stadium.

Among them, the basketball court is the most popular sports area for young people. Every evening and weekend, it is very lively, and many basketball enthusiasts gather here to exercise and work hard. Therefore, the lighting design of this stadium has attracted much attention. The lighting scheme of our company stands out among many schemes and is favored by the owners. First of all, we adopted the high-brightness and energy-saving LED flood light FL39-150W, which fully followed the illuminance requirements of outdoor basketball courts to design it to be bright and not dazzling; at the same time, we adopted high-quality MW drivers and ultra-high brightness The LUMILEDS3030 light source has high overall luminous efficiency and long life with 7-year warranty service for the entire lamp.


For the entire basketball court, 6 sets of 9m light poles were designed, and 3 sets of 150W floodlights were installed on each light pole, using two angles of 60° and 90°. After the final test, the average illuminance of the entire basketball court reached 365lux, the uniformity reached 0.6, this result completely exceeded the customer's requirements, the construction party and the owner were very satisfied with the lighting effect.  










We will continue to work hard, with our superb professional standards and dedicated service spirit, to contribute more wisdom and strength to the overall lighting construction of Nanxiang MEGA City, and to contribute to the overall urban construction of Nanxiang of Shanghai.

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