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Renewing the true color of space | Lighting renovation plan for Sitong badminton hall in Huichuan district, Zunyi, Guizhou

Renewing the true color of space | Lighting renovation plan for Sitong badminton hall in Huichuan district, Zunyi, Guizhou


As a sport suitable for all ages, badminton has a wide footing in our country and is an essential sport for national fitness. Badminton belongs to the category of small balls. The ball is small and fast. It is necessary to look up frequently to observe the flying sphere at high speed. He has high demands on the quality of the stadium lighting. Professional lighting and lighting design are especially important.

Recently, Shanghai CHZ Lighting helped a sports arts and culture center in Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, to complete its badminton stadium lighting renovation project.

Project overview

The sports and culture center is located near Wanda Plaza, Science and Technology City, Nanhu District, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. There are 13 badminton courts in total. The court is designed in accordance with international standards for double badminton courts. The length is 13.40 m / width 6.10 m. Professional badminton events can also meet citizens' leisure and fitness needs.

The choice of lamps is very important for the illumination of badminton courts. The venue originally used 132 ordinary 200W LED lights, coupled with unreasonable lighting design, not only directly affected the lighting quality of the venue, but also produced a higher power loss.

Prior to the renovation, the stadium had insufficient lighting, uneven light distribution, showing the effect of chaotic light spots, dazzling lights, glare and light strobe hazards, poor color reproduction and bright surroundings uncomfortable, which seriously affected the sporting experience and visual health of athletes.

CHZ professional lighting solutions

In order to improve the quality of stadium lighting and better meet the sporting and fitness needs of golfers, CHZ Lighting's professional sports lighting system was ultimately selected for this project. A total of 110 lamps CHZ-HB24-150W pendant lights from our company were installed, using professional lighting design and The installation layout of lamps and lanterns gives stadium lighting a new look. Various technical lighting indicators are better than expected. Compared with the original lighting system, the energy saving rate is more than 40%, create a healthy, comfortable and energy-saving lighting environment.

CHZ-HB24 led pendant light bay light



Before transformation After transformation

After a few renovations, the illuminance and uniformity of the stadium have been significantly improved and the average illuminance has reached over 750 lx, which meets third-level professional competition lighting standards. The special lighting of CHZ stadium is equipped with silver fog light reflector and adopts unique light distribution design to achieve efficient light control, uniform light distribution and effectively avoid the influence of direct light and glare. Stadium lighting is brighter, clearer, more comfortable and natural, which has been unanimously recognized by customers and golfers!

For a long time, CHZ has adhered to the promise of product quality and innovation and empowerment, and has been deeply involved in the field of sports lighting. It has provided precise lighting solutions for many stadiums and professional events, fully demonstrating CHZ's strong technical strength and brand influence. In the future, CHZ will uphold its original aspiration, continue to refine its own innovative core, participate in more stadium lighting construction with high-quality products and professional solutions, and use high-quality lighting to illuminate the passion of sports events, and make further contributions to the progress of China's sports industry.

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