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CHZ lighting stadium lighing design and solution - Shenyang Tiexi Stadium Lighting Project finished

CHZ lighting stadium lighing design and solution - Shenyang Tiexi Stadium Lighting Project finished


Tiexi Stadium, located at No. 66 North Heavy Industry Street, was once the favorite exercise venue for Shenyang people and the "Holy Land" of Shenyang football. It carries the memory of a generation of Shenyang people and witnesses the rise and fall of sports development in Tiexi District. With its professionalism in the field of lighting, “CHZ LIGHTING” provides professional lighting system solutions for it, and makes the venue glow with new brilliance with high-quality lighting.


Project Overview

Shenyang Tiexi Stadium was built in the 1950s and is the only remaining standard sports venue in the central urban area of Shenyang. Due to the long-term construction and serious aging of the venue facilities, it cannot meet the needs of large-scale competitions and mass sports and fitness. In order to solve this situation, Tiexi Stadium started the reconstruction and expansion project. As one of the 20 popular projects in Tiexi District, the upgrading and renovation project of Tiexi Stadium mainly includes the construction of a new comprehensive gymnasium and the construction of a stadium.


The stadium is equipped with a 400-meter runway, a standard football field, etc. After the reconstruction, the number of stands is still 6,000. Compared with the past, the height of the stands has increased, which is more convenient for watching the game and has a better angle. The newly built gymnasium includes a small project training venue and a dual-purpose hall for basketball and badminton, which can carry out various sports projects. “CHZ LIGHTING” provides professional lighting services for Tiexi Stadium and the basketball and badminton dual-purpose halls to help them regain their former style.


CHZ Professional Lighting Solutions

The lighting design is based on relevant lighting standards such as "Standards for Design and Testing of Stadium Lighting". The stadium is a 400-meter standard track and field field. The technical team of “CHZ LIGHTING” fully considered the characteristics of the building and selected 72 sets of 450W, 16 sets of 300W, 8 sets of 220W, and 4 sets of 150W FL21 series stadium lights, with various beam angle, such as 45°,60° and 90°,which were installed on the walls of the stands and canopy; basketball, The badminton dual-purpose hall uses 48 sets of 200W special court lights, and adopts the method of hanging cloth lights to create a healthy and high-quality sports light environment.


After testing, the average illumination of the stadium is more than 300lx, the uniformity is more than 0.6, and the glare value is less than 50, which fully meets the lighting standards for Class II amateur competitions and professional training. The basketball and badminton dual-purpose hall has an average illuminance of 810lx and a uniformity of 0.8, which meets the lighting standards for Class III professional competitions.


Excellent glare control and precise lighting capabilities ensure that the venue glare is effectively controlled, the light is evenly distributed, and the bright and comfortable lighting atmosphere allows players and spectators to enjoy a better lighting experience and injects wonderful vitality into the venue at night. High-quality lighting fixtures and professional lighting solutions not only ensure good lighting effects, but also meet the goals of energy saving and emission reduction, helping Tiexi Stadium to become a high-standard sports and leisure punch-in place.

In recent years, “CHZ LIGHTING” has continued to develop sports lighting, providing accurate lighting solutions for many stadiums and professional events, fully demonstrating the strong technical strength and brand influence of “CHZ LIGHTING”. In the future, “CHZ” will continue to consolidate its own innovation core, participate in more stadium lighting construction with high-quality products and professional solutions, and use high-quality lighting to light up the passion of events, and strive to become the leading brand of sports lighting in China.

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