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Smart Lighting And Smart Street Lights Are All About The City's Future

Smart Lighting And Smart Street Lights Are All About The City's Future


Emerson said, "The reliable sign of wisdom is being able to find miracles in the ordinary." Thanks to the coming together, smart cities achieve sustainable development. Globally, smart city building is fast becoming a progressive asset, and global tech giants and manufacturers are important players in this new wave.

Gu Na said, “In the future, we will always meet our commitment to long-term investment in the Chinese market, respond positively to the policies and development initiatives of the Chinese government, and focus on the three areas of travel. smart, smart cities. and smart devices. Help accelerate the digital transformation process in Chinese society. "

In order to solve the problem of urban development and achieve the sustainable development of the city, the construction of a smart city has become an irreversible historical trend of urban development in the world today. As China's Internet of Things development and cloud computing boom continue to heat up, the building of smart cities is a hot sign. Ministries have responded to the construction of smart cities and led the implementation.

The enormous potential of the digital economy cannot be underestimated. Since the emergence of the smart city concept in 2009, more than 400 cities in China have built smart cities. With the acceleration of smart cities in various regions, the industry market is expected to expand to billions of dollars.

How does street lighting show the wisdom side?

Smart lighting will better locate smart cities through relevant government policies and the transformation of the LED industry.

Road lighting marks the image and development of smart city construction and is one of the most densely populated municipal infrastructures. Smart street lights reduce the cost of manual inspection while ensuring normal lighting, more convenient operation and more efficient management. There are 50 million street lights in China. If the scientific management of the intelligent public lighting system is carried out, the annual electricity cost will be $ 5 billion!

IoT intelligent lighting control system realizes the refinement, persistence and information management of electric power through the use of big data means such as electric visualization, efficiency analysis distribution system, load management and energy management, while generating energy. savings and reduced emissions. Improve the level of management.

In the future, street lights are no longer traditional street lights, they have evolved into smart city lighting and even part of a smart city. Wisdom illumination takes the space of people and their activities at the heart of the trend of natural development, aims to achieve a more harmonious coexistence between men and nature, and makes the life and work of people more convenient and more happy.

George Ko said, “As the urbanization process in China continues to intensify, traditional urban management models face many challenges. City administrators need a smarter and more efficient system to maintain and manage urban assets. "


It is difficult to become a forest, and smart lighting requires the participation of a large number of companies in the construction.

In the whole system construction, smart cities need technical improvement and openness. These must be carried out by large companies. The focus is on product innovation and new product development strategies. The construction by the giants of intelligent lighting will bring market opportunities to related fields. Smart Lighting companies are investing heavily in the research and development of smart lighting technologies to provide networked lighting solutions for home and building automation, smart cities and smart street lights.

CHZ smart street lights

The definition of Feile sound is as follows: Illumination of wisdom is a fundamental concept of the Internet of Things with "lights, nets and clouds". The flagship product is “a lamp”, which uses LED lights as an integrated sensing terminal and an integrated working terminal. Emphasis is placed on the organization of a single "network" for perception and transmission, then on its integration into the context of "one cloud" management to create clouds of data, clouds of data. intelligent cloud services and services.

Huawei believes that the network of hundreds of millions of lighting installations will mark the beginning of the construction of the municipal Internet of Things. From municipal lighting, smart equipments such as traffic management, environmental monitoring, municipal management and municipal lighting will be connected to create a fully connected municipal Internet of Things. The future of "smart cities" can be built.

In the business mission, let the lights connect to each other through the Internet of Things, let the lights transmit information. Yannuo has always been committed to welcoming the era of the Internet of Things and the circular economy model through innovation, and technology has great potential for building a smart city. Nuofei encourages smart connected lighting and smart city development, helping to create a more sustainable, connected and liveable city.

The future of technology, the demand for smart lighting market has increased significantly

Buildings and cities are getting smarter, driving smart lighting technology and market growth, and Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) integrate lighting. With the advent of 5G, high-capacity, low-latency network transmission will become a reality, and related network technologies and systems will gradually evolve. For example, Bluetooth mesh network, Internet of Things, Wi-Fi, etc. are all popular for smart lighting. An essential pusher.

According to relevant data, global smart lighting entered a rapid development phase in 2017, with a market size of nearly 4.6 billion US dollars and an annual growth rate of 95%. With the maturity of technology and products and the spread of related concepts, the market size is expected to reach US $ 13.4 billion in 2020.

The increasing demand for reduced energy consumption in residential and industrial areas is a constant feature of the development of energy efficient lighting systems. Energy-efficient LED lighting systems reduce energy costs for residential customers, thus mitigating the impact of rising tariffs on them. On the component side, smart lighting products have started to dominate the market due to the large-scale installation of lighting systems in the residential and commercial sectors.

The smart city development initiative promoted by governments around the world is a major driver of the growing number of smart lighting solutions, and connected lighting systems are expected to become one of the most important pieces of infrastructure smart cities. As lighting systems continue to optimize urban energy use, self-sufficiency and the growth of the urban economy can be greatly accelerated.

Between 2018 and 2024, the average annual growth rate of the outdoor lighting market is expected to exceed 25%. The main feature of the rapid growth is the increasing demand for intelligent street lighting systems around the world. Smart City projects can also take advantage of these smart devices to achieve their energy security and sustainability goals.


In this wave of new technologies, international LED manufacturers have gradually expanded their network of smart cities. Investment in smart cities in China has reached 500 billion, and the market pie is quite big. Of course, the Chinese market has become the main concern. Many LED companies are jostling each other, but very few of them can actually be called "smart lighting".

The real city, wisdom is much more than your imagination. When big data is integrated into it, the image of smart life gradually emerges and we can expect the future of a smart society.

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