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CHZ lighting project case stadium lights FL31A | The Cameroon Capital Stadium project was successfully completed

CHZ lighting project case stadium lights FL31A | The Cameroon Capital Stadium project was successfully completed


Cameroon (full name: Republic of Cameroon, French: République du Cameroun) is located in West Africa, bordering the Gulf of Guinea in the southwest, Nigeria in the west, Chad in the northeast, Central African Republic and Congo (Brazzaville) in the east, and Gabon and Equatorial Guinea in the south. . The land area is 475,442 square kilometers, the longest distance from north to south is about 1232 kilometers, and the distance from east to west is about 720 kilometers; the whole territory is similar to a triangle, the south is broad, and the north is gradually narrow. Lake Chad is at its top.

The capital, Yaounde, is located in the central plateau region of Cameroon. It is its political and cultural center. It has a population of 2.538 million (2019). French and English are both official languages. Yaounde has a high altitude, a cool climate, and plenty of rain. The average temperature is 24.9°C, the rainfall is 1,299 mm, and the rainfall period is 133 days. The port city of Douala, located on its western coast, is Cameroon’s national transportation hub with the largest population and largest area. It is also Cameroon’s "financial capital" and economic center.


The African Cup of Nations (African Cup of Nations, referred to as the African Cup) is hosted by the African Football Confederation. It is the highest-level national team competition on the African continent. The first African Cup was held in 1957. Since 1968, this tournament has been officially determined to be held every two years. According to the original plan, the 2022 Africa Cup will be held in Cameroon, starting on January 26 and ending on February 22. The venues will be distributed in five cities in Cameroon.


Anhui Hydropower Construction Group Co., Ltd. (Anhui Shui’an for short) is the general contractor of the Capital Stadium this time. It has contracted the construction of the entire stadium, including the stadium building, floor, seats, security and lighting facilities, etc., which have been carried out in China. Subcontracting. Our company participated in the bidding for this project. In the fierce competition, our company successfully won the lighting equipment tender of the venue, including light poles, lamps and their control systems, with professional design schemes and high-quality products.

The product we bid for this time is our new stadium light FL31A, which is a very cost-effective stadium light. It adopts a modular design, LUMILEDS3030 lamp beads, and DONE series drivers; at the same time, we are targeting FIFA (FIFA) For the requirements of high-level football match venues, such as high-definition television broadcasting, illumination requirements, uniformity, etc., we have adopted two beam angles of 15° and 25° for matching design, and carried out targeted lighting arrangements; after DIALUX The software has performed simulation calculations, and various data feedbacks are good.


At the same time, we designed a complete set of light poles, and conducted wind resistance load tests on the entire light pole. The overall design can withstand level 12 typhoons, which fully meets customer requirements.


Everything was ready, we started production, and then proceeded with the shipment. The 28-meter-high light pole was divided into 4 sections, and a total of 4 40HQ containers were filled. After they were loaded successfully, they were shipped to Cameroon. After arriving at the site, the local engineering and technical personnel, under the remote guidance of our technical personnel, began the orderly installation work:

The first step is to install the ground cage:


The second step is to connect the light poles


Place the three sections of light poles on the ground to butt, and then heat the interface to make the light poles more secure, then fix the lamp installation platform on the third section, and install the lamps.

The third step, hoisting and docking


Use a 56-ton crane to hoist the light pole, aim it at the ground cage, and fix it.

The fourth step is to adjust the direction of the lamps

After installing the lamp as shown in the figure, install the infrared sight on the lamp; at the same time, divide the stadium into 4 symmetrical areas, and divide each area into many small squares according to the figure below. At night, use an infrared sight to aim at the corresponding squares to trace points.





The fifth step, the effect test

Turn on all the lights, and then use the illuminance meter to test the illuminance of the grid to check the overall effect. The final data obtained is:

The maximum illuminance reaches 1650LX, the uniformity reaches 0.65, and the glare value is less than 50, which fully meets the V-level standard required this time.

Everything was ready. After all the lights were turned on, the effect was very good, which was highly praised by the local government and the African Cup officials.




After nearly a month of installation and commissioning, the entire lighting project passed the inspection and acceptance; at the same time, our product quality and professional technology have also won the high recognition of the general contractor-Anhui Shui'an. We hope that more projects will be with us in the future. cooperate.

We hereby wish the success of this African Football Cup match, and hope that in the future, through our professional products and technology, we can win more stadium projects and contribute our "CHZ" wisdom and strength to the sports cause of the African people.

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