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The development of LED outdoor street lighting needs to be viewed calmly

The development of LED outdoor street lighting needs to be viewed calmly


In the first two years, LED outdoor street lighting technology shined at the World Expo, heralding a new era of LED lighting applications. However, as far as the entire Expo venues are concerned, the entire building uses a total of more than 80,000 LED lighting fixtures for centralized and unbiased control, resulting in beautiful and vivid artistic lighting landscapes.

However, behind the splendor of LED outdoor street lighting, LED lighting does indeed have problems such as immature technology.

1. Heat dissipation: The heat dissipation of LED outdoor street lighting is an important issue affecting its development. Poor heat dissipation will inevitably affect the life of the wick. The design of high-power LED lighting fixtures is often difficult to meet the requirements in terms of heat dissipation.

2. Life: The life of LED outdoor street lighting wick will decrease exponentially with the increase of temperature; the life of the electrolytic capacitor will decrease by half every ten degrees of temperature increase; MOS temperature will increase, internal resistance will increase, loss will increase, and the temperature will rise High (constant current mode), eventually burned. Therefore, when purchasing LED outdoor street lighting, you must choose a large company such as Zhuxu Optoelectronics to ensure the quality and quantity of the product!

LED outdoor street lighting

3. Light perception: Light perception is the human eye's visual experience of LED outdoor street lighting. As a lighting product, LED light's visual experience is very important. One of the most important measurement criteria for LED outdoor street lighting is the purity of the spectrum, which can bring people a good visual experience.

LED outdoor street lighting market cake is huge, the future market development situation is also very good. Countless companies have participated in it, and even many large cross-industry companies have spared no expense to build their own LED lighting industry base to share a piece of cake. However, China currently does not have a national standard for LED outdoor street lighting, only some local standards. The formulation of China's LED outdoor street lighting national standards should be based on international standards, which is convenient for China's LED outdoor street lighting industry to be in line with international standards, and is convenient for China's product export and marketing in the international market.

LED outdoor street lighting industry prospects are undeniable, but the overheated industry is not necessarily a good thing, should maintain a relatively calm thinking to look at the industry development.

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