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The Importance of LED Street Light Fixtures

The Importance of LED Street Light Fixtures


With regards to LED street light fixtures, the idea isn't only using a bulb to light the streets; instead, it needs a reliable and quality optics to guarantee road safety. There are various kinds of roadway luminaires, one of them, the LED lamps would be better for streets. As an LED street lights manufacturer, we'll talk about the usage of this in this article, in addition to >>>why street lights are important.


Why Led Street Light Fixtures are Necessary and important?

LED street lights projects are economically viable, require minimal maintenance, and are environmentally friendly. This is why they have managed to trump conventional HID fixtures on all counts. Furthermore, LED street lighting offers better color, provides a more even light distribution, and contributes very little in terms of light pollution. When you choose LED street light luminaire, you will be able to upgrade your area not only in terms of beauty but also in safety.


Many of us will instantly consider illuminating the highway for drivers. This is authentic; nonetheless, the LED lights for the street are significant for road users. According to the study, about 70 percent of robbery cases occur in the dim sidewalk. Most lights make people feel safer in the nighttime. Though a number of the safety CCTV comes with an infra-red function, sufficient illumination provided from LED street light fixtures enables security cameras to catch the procedure obviously. Law enforcement can recognize the face of criminal correctly.


LED is an energy-saving technology due to it consumes 70% lower energy compared to metal halide lamps. The luminous efficiency of LED lights is 130lm/W whilst metal halide is simply 65lm/W. Following the metal halide replacement for LED street lights, then you could save much energy costs, as more lumens are produced for the same power consumption.


Most of all, the LED street light luminaire have an anti-glare lens. You have seen there are lots of people complaining the lights are too bright, which impacts their living quality. To decrease the influence on the resident, the anti-glare lens are installed on the street surface, rather than the surrounding buildings. Hence, the LED street light fixtures wouldn't be quite as dazzling when looking from the side.


LED Street Lights VS Conventional Street Lights

What is the importance of lighting uniformity for LED street lights vs conventional street lights? Good uniformity means that the light is evenly distributed throughout the road surface without no bright spots. If the lighting pattern is too irregular, it is going to irritate the road users, especially important for vehicle drivers. According to research, the LED street lights can provide even lights that are like natural sunlight, the driver tiredness can be reduced. They can greatly improve road safety. To achieve better uniformity, the fixtures of LED street lights have been outfitted with an asymmetric optical lens, which offers rectangular shape illumination instead of circular. This arrangement can reduce the irregular overlapping of a street light.

Heat dissipation is another concern. Since the LED street lights are expected to operate for a long period of time, the life span is going to be decreased if we do not have an effective heat sink. To solve this issue, we design the dense aluminum fins structure that offering an outstanding surface area. We have a laboratory test before the launch of LED street light fixtures solutions. The intrinsic temperature of the street light luminaire is kept at a lower range.


Street Lights For Sale

Despite the low price, LED pole lights are equipped with most of the compulsory functions. For instance, our LED luminaires obtain IP66 waterproof and anti-shock that withstand the adverse weather conditions such as stormy rain and scorching sun. To prevent the rusting problem near the industrial area due to acid rain, the outer shell of the LED fixture is made of aluminum alloy, which is very durable.


Depending on the number of orders, we will provide a discount for street lights for sale in different extended. Normally the higher the number of sets, the higher the discount. We are LED street lights manufacturers for many years. We have a professional engineer team to make the lighting design for highways and any roadways. It is worthwhile to make the investment in this industry as the supplier of LED street light fixtures, because of its vast amount of advantages. You get to not only save money by switching to LED’s but you can get paid to do it! Why not help out the environment and get a week of your life back? We are ready to help you make the switch today. Give us a call for more information.

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