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The Sport Football Field Lighting Fixture Renovation Project

The Sport Football Field Lighting Fixture Renovation Project


Football is loved by Chinese people. However, the scarcity of venues and backward facilities have inhibited the further development of my country's football industry. Strengthening the construction of football field facilities is a necessary means to consolidate the foundation of football development. The professional football field lighting design plays a vital role in the performance of athletes and their safety and health.

Recently, CHZ Lighting has successfully completed a football stadium sport lighting renovation project. With high-quality sports lighting products and scientific and reasonable lighting layout design, it provides a professional lighting solution for a football stadium in a wetland sports park in Wuhan City. They bring a more comfortable and pleasant lighting experience.

The football training ground is located in the Dongxihu District of Wuhan, covering an area of about 33 acres, including two 8-a-side football fields, two 5-a-side football fields, expansion project areas, children’s play areas, event hosting areas, and construction supporting areas. The very important sports area on Beilin Green Road is responsible for various football matches from provinces and cities.

In order to better ensure the development of football sports and improve the overall lighting quality of the venue, the football training base will fully start the lighting upgrade and transformation in 2020. CHZ Lighting has the honor to become the supplier of the sport lighting transformation project. The project construction provides a complete set of lighting solutions for the football field, creating a healthy and high-quality light environment for the field.

In football field lighting, the choice of lamps is especially critical. This lighting renovation project uses professional court lights independently developed and produced by CHZ Lighting, a total of 92 sets of sport lighting CHZ-FL32-250W and 75 sets of CHZ-FL21-150W, involving two pieces of standard 8-a-side football pitch and two pieces of 5-a-side football The venue uses lights on both sides to ensure a good lighting effect for the entire venue.

In response to the needs of customers and the actual situation of the venue, CHZ Lighting's technical team has minimized glare and light pollution through professional light distribution design and scientific lighting layout. The average illuminance of each venue is more than 500LUX, and the uniformity is more than 0.6, which fully conforms to industry standards. The competition (Ⅲ) level requirements have created customized lighting solutions that exceed customer expectations.


In the field of sports lighting, CHZ has accumulated deep experience in stadium lighting projects with high-quality products and professional service capabilities, and has created many classic project cases across the country, such as the lighting project of the 7th World Military Games in 2019 and the 14th in 2020 The lighting project of the National Student Games. In the future, CHZ will continue to cultivate in a more professional manner, continue to promote the research and innovation of new products and technologies, and create new sport lighting for more sports venues and sports enthusiasts by creating efficient, energy-saving, healthy and comfortable lighting solutions Experience.


                                      CHZ Sport Lighting - FL21-150W                                                                                                                                                                                                    CHZ Sports Light Fixture -FL32-250W                                                                                                        

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