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Indoor Sport Lighting Project of a military sports training center

Indoor Sport Lighting Project of a military sports training center


In indoor sport court, the impact of lighting environment on human visual health and comfort is very important. Poor lighting environment, such as inappropriate illuminance, uneven light distribution, strong stroboscopic and excessive glare, will not only affect the normal performance of the exercise state, but also cause serious damage to people's vision and health. Therefore, a professional and excellent lighting system is an important part of ensuring the normal development of sports and the healthy operation of the place. 

The protagonist of this sharing is the lighting project of a military sports training center, and CHZ Lighting provided it with a high-quality sports lighting system. The project includes 4 basketball courts, 2 badminton courts, 6 table tennis courts and 1 Sanda court. It is designed to meet the illumination requirements of amateur competitions and professional training. It has been installed and put into use.

A total of 78 sets of sport lighting FL23-200W and 120 sets of FL24-150W stadium lights from CHZ Lighting are used in the project. All lamps and lanterns have been carefully designed to achieve excellent illuminance and uniformity while effectively controlling glare and glare in the venue. The overflow light can save the number of lights to the greatest extent and ensure the energy saving, environmental protection, health and comfort of the light environment.

CHZ Lighting's high-quality sports light fixtures have the advantages of professional light distribution technology and stable lighting performance, which can not only improve the light quality of the lighting environment, but also greatly reduce the subsequent operation and maintenance costs of the stadium. After testing, the illuminance of all venues of this project is above 800LUX, and the uniformity of illuminance is above 0.6, which meets the requirements of industry standard professional competition (Ⅲ) level. CHZ Lighting's outstanding product hard power has been highly recognized by users.

                  Sport Lighting FL23 High-bay Light     
 Sport Lighting FL23 High-bay Light     


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