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CHz Indoor Sport Lighting Renovation Solution of Cultural and Sports Activity Center

CHz Indoor Sport Lighting Renovation Solution of Cultural and Sports Activity Center


Founded in 1950, the China Institute of Atomic Energy is affiliated to China National Nuclear Corporation. It is the birthplace of my country's nuclear science and technology and a basic and comprehensive nuclear research base. The institute has 9 research units, 9 support service units, 8 industrial entities, and 11 national and ministerial-level research centers or key laboratories. CHANGHUI Lighting created a professional and healthy indoor sport lighting solution for the hospital's cultural and sports activity center, and its effects have won unanimous praise from the staff of the hospital.

The cultural and sports activity center mainly provides sports and leisure activities for the staff of the hospital, and has both performance and meeting functions. The main venue is six badminton courts and can also be used as a basketball court. The venue originally used 400W metal halide lamps. Due to the aging of the equipment, the light decay was serious, the illumination was seriously insufficient, and the uniformity was poor; and the problems of stroboscopic and glare were serious; in addition, the lighting of the venue had high energy consumption and high operating costs. In order to create bright and comfortable indoor sport lighting requirements and reduce overall energy consumption, the hospital launched the main indoor sport lighting renovation project, and finally chose CHz Lighting's design plan and professional indoor sport lighting to fully implement the activity center lighting upgrade and optimization.

In this project, CHz Lighting FL08-150W and FL32-250W special stadium lights are used to replace the original 400W metal halide lights, and a total of 60 lights are installed. The venue is 13 meters high and has an area of about 1260 square meters. It uses uniform lighting on the top and auxiliary lighting on both sides to achieve a scientific and reasonable lighting layout. After testing, the average illuminance of the venue is 880lx, and the uniformity of illuminance is 0.79, which is in line with the industry. Standard professional competition (Ⅲ) level requirements; and the brightness is uniform and sufficient, the light is soft and bright, the vision is true and clear, and the glare and spilled light are well controlled; at the same time, compared with the original lighting system, it saves more than 60% of electricity, effectively reducing energy consumption and building In order to provide a more comfortable lighting experience, employees can enjoy a healthy and comfortable light environment.

In the field of sports light, CHz Lighting has always adhered to high-quality products and independent technological innovation, and successively provided professional and accurate lighting solutions for a number of large-scale stadium lighting projects, fully demonstrating CHz Lighting’s strong technical strength and brand influence

In the future, CHz Lighting will make unremitting efforts to continuously temper its own innovation core, participate in the construction of more stadium lighting with high-quality products and professional solutions, use high-quality lighting to light up sports passion, and create more high-quality stadium lighting projects.



Sport Lighting FL08-200W          

               Sport lighting FL32-250W


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