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Integrated Solar Street Light Introduction

Integrated Solar Street Light Introduction


An integrated solar street light system combines the green-energy parts of the solar panel, LED lamp, and the battery into a single product. This all-in-one product, together with a motion detector and mobile app, offers a solution of low-energy consumption, long-lasting and high-luminance as well as free maintenance for at least five years. The integrated solar street light design including the intelligent controller and sensor meets different control requirements, and at the same time, it is convenient in the shipment (one light per box) and installation.


How Does The Integrated Solar Street Light Work


Conventional solar street lights have the exact same working principle, they possess the lamp base, battery panel, storage battery, charge, and charging control system. But integrated solar street lights put them together, and the storage battery needs to be substituted by a lithium-ion battery, therefore it's simple in structure and light.


Integrated solar street light works on the principle of solar cells. Solar cells that are on the cover of the fixture absorb solar power during the daytime. The solar cells subsequently convert the solar power into electrical energy that is stored in the battery. The battery is put within the fixture. During the night the solar street light turns on automatically and absorbs the energy stored in the battery. During day time, the battery has recharged through solar energy and this process keeps repeating.


Components of An Integrated Solar Street Light


Concerning the integrated solar street light design, there are 4 main parts taken into accounts.


Solar Panel–This is one of the most significant pieces of an integrated solar street light. Solar panels will convert solar power into electricity. There are two different types of solar panels which can be found; mono-crystalline & poly-crystalline. While the conversion rate of poly-crystalline solar panels is poor compared to mono-crystalline solar panels.

LED Fixture–This is often utilized as the luminary of a contemporary solar street light. LED fixtures provide greater lumens with reduced usage of energy. Energy consumption of LED fixtures is more or less half of what conventional HPS fixtures require. The lack of warm-up timing also permits LEDs to be used for motion detectors which eventually improve efficiency.


Rechargeable Battery–Connected to the solar panel, the battery is used for conserving electricity throughout the day and providing electricity to the solar LED fixture throughout the evening time. While the capacity of the battery will influence backup days of this light, the entire life cycle of this battery is an essential element. Lithium-ion batteries are popular nowadays since they are compact in size and incorporate well within the integrated solar street light.


Mounting Pole–Because there are parts mounted on top of the pole, strong poles are essential for many solar street lights. Solar panels, fixtures, and batteries are essential components of solar street lights. PV panels and all electronics are incorporated into the pole itself in the newest integrated solar street light design. Wind resistance is another element that needs to be accounted for when installing the integrated solar street light.


Semi Integrated Solar Street Light


The solar street light is divided into three kinds: traditional solar street light, integrated solar street light, and semi integrated solar street light. The solar panel is installed on the lamp pole bracket separately on the semi integrated solar street light, and the battery, light source, and controller are integrated on a light.


Based on the stable electronic circuit of the traditional integrated solar street light, the integrated solar street light is upgraded on mechanical structure, software, and hardware.


Here are the features:

1. With its bidirectional rotatable solar panel, it lights without a mechanical switch.

2. It supports Bluetooth APP functions can be controlled by cellphone easily.

3. With the road LED indicator, it offers a good penetrability even in the thunderstorm, foggy bad weather, effectively preventing the drivers from traffic accidents by indicating the front road status.


Integrated Solar Led Street Light with Mobile App


The integrated solar street light can be used with APP applications to be installed on a mobile phone to control or get the lights through Bluetooth. The APP software is compatible with both OS and Android operating systems.


Integrated solar LED street light with mobile app has the following functions.

1. The solar street light can be forced to turn on or off.

2. Users can manually set to adapt the rainy days and adjust the brightness of the light.

3. If the settings are not correct, users can restore the factory settings as original.

4. If solar street lights can not work, users can read data on the phone to check which parts need maintenance.

5. Users can easily control the lighting mode at different times.

6. Data can be synchronized with the local time. It will record real-time for working, record the installation time of the integrated solar street light and the time of failure to facilitate future maintenance work.

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