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Stadium lighting renovation project of Haiyan County Gymnasium in Zhejiang

Stadium lighting renovation project of Haiyan County Gymnasium in Zhejiang


Recently, the lighting renovation project of the Haiyan County Gymnasium in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province passed the acceptance inspection and was officially put into use, which was highly recognized and affirmed by customers. CHZ Lighting provides a complete intelligent lighting solution for the Haiyan County Gymnasium. All lighting indicators meet the acceptance standards, achieving healthy, comfortable and smart lighting effects. 

Project Overview

Haiyan County Gymnasium is located in Haiyan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. It is a landmark architectural landscape of Haiyan County. It covers an area of 19,607 square meters, with a building area of 12,320 square meters. The inner field is 48 meters long and 32 meters wide. It has a total of 2021 auditoriums. The project site can be used for basketball, volleyball, badminton and other sports competitions and training. It is the multi-functional gymnasium with the largest specifications and the most complete equipment in Haiyan County. It provides the best sports venue for the county to organize and host various events and activities.

In order to improve the lighting system of the gymnasium, meet the growing demand for competitive performances and fitness services, and give full play to its role as an important county-level sports platform, the Haiyan County Gymnasium has vigorously launched a lighting upgrade project. With years of professional accumulation and technological precipitation, CHZ Lighting successfully won the bid and successfully completed the lighting upgrade and transformation of the Haiyan County Gymnasium, providing it with professional and intelligent lighting system solutions.

CHZ lighting professional lighting solutions

Before the renovation, the Haiyan County Gymnasium used traditional metal halide lamps with gypsophila. The lamps had low luminous efficiency, insufficient illumination, dark and uneven lighting in the venue, serious glare and stroboscopic light, which easily harmed human eye health. At the same time, the control method is single and consumes a lot of energy, which does not meet the national requirements for energy conservation, environmental protection, and emission reduction. The client requested to improve the lighting quality of the stadium, while taking into account the goals of saving energy and operating costs, and to achieve intelligent lighting according to the needs of the stadium.

In this renovation, the customer chose the FL21 stadium light series of CHZ Lighting, which includes 48 sets of 300W and 20 sets of 150W. They are arranged on both sides of the stadium and equipped with intelligent dimming system and control panel. It can switch lighting modes such as emergency, entertainment, amateur competition, professional competition, etc. with one key to meet the application needs of different scenarios, easily realize intelligent management and control, and endow the venues with smart, energy-saving, ecological and environmentally friendly green building attributes.

 FL21 stadium light series of CHZ Lighting


CHZ Lighting FL21 stadium light series   

This series of stadium lights are made of high-quality aviation aluminum die-casting, with solid structure and good heat dissipation performance; the angle of the bracket can be rotated from 0 to 180°; at the same time, the two modules can also be rotated independently to achieve a wider range of illuminance , Compared with other lamps, the illuminance will appear more uniform. In addition, LUMILEDS3030 high-efficiency lamp beads and PHILIPS high-performance dimming driver are used to facilitate smart dimming. Finally, there are a variety of lens angles to choose from, such as 50°/ 60°/ 90°/ TYPE II_S/ TYPE III_M / TYPE IV_S/ TYPE V. For this project, in accordance with the characteristics and requirements of the venue, our designers used 4 angles to achieve the best lighting effect.


CHZ smart lighting control panel

CHZ smart lighting control panel

After the renovation is completed, the third-party agency commissioned by the owner shows that the average illuminance of the venue reaches 1006Lx, and the uniformity of illuminance reaches U1=0.6, U2=0.78. The lighting design of the entire venue meets the industry standard professional competition (Ⅲ) level requirements. CHZ Lighting's high-quality lighting fixtures and precise lighting design make the stadium lighting brighter and more comfortable, effectively solving the problems of stroboscopic, glare and uneven illumination, creating a better lighting environment, and bringing users the ultimate healthy vision enjoy.

CHZ Lighting has always been adhering to the promise of high-quality innovation, deepening in the field of sports lighting, and providing precise lighting solutions for many stadiums, demonstrating the strong technical strength of CHZ Lighting. In the future, CHZ Lighting will uphold its original aspiration, continue to temper, continue to participate in the construction of more stadium lighting, use high-quality lights to lighten the passion of sports events, and make more contributions to the development of China's sports industry.

Lighting effect after renovation:

CHZ Lighting effect after renovation


Sport lighting effect after renovation


CHZ Sport lighting effect

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