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Choose what kind of lamp holder best solar street lamps?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-11

urban construction speed is very fast, a lot of three or four line city began to notice the development of street lamp lighting engineering. Many cities began to use solar street light, the lamps will know we listen to the name, is to use solar energy as an energy source, can effectively save a lot of power cost. And because they do not need power transportation, so when the installation is more convenient and quick, don't have to worry about the line problem. The traditional street light as long as it is a question of it, and will lead to connect a row of lamps will appear problem. Solar street light structure is very simple, simple, requires a battery, solar panels and a tube, deserve to go up again a control box. So there is a problem, solar street light the lamp holder is used to choose which one? The following as solar street lamps factory and see it.

solar street lamps using solar panels to store solar energy electricity during the day, it is stored in the battery, wait until night when released. Battery power is limited, of course, if we use the lamp wattage is too big, will consume more energy, so we'd better is to choose energy-saving lamps.

energy-saving lamps first recommendation is to use the LED lamp holder, the traditional lamp holder may be able to lighting for 8 hours, but if you use the LED energy-saving lamp head, may be used to 12 hours a day, this choice is most appropriate.

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