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Solar street lamps for rural development to have the benefits of what

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-14

we are in the countryside, in some places there is no light, the evening is darker, but now is a solar street lamp, can be said to be in the countryside is good, is very popular, so we do it today for the solar street light for rural development to have the benefits of what? The first is because of its own characteristics is more suitable for solar street lamps used in the rural areas, rural itself low population density, the characteristics of small power consumption right now, the development characteristic of solar street light.

because of some solar energy street light storage capacity is not very big, so this is one aspect, while in the countryside if through the construction of large-scale power grid line to achieve the goal of every household have access to electricity, sometimes will take years, even decades. And solar street light is for farmers in remote areas provides a more autonomous choice, as long as the install solar street lights, have the sun exposure can generate enough electricity after can use.

power supply time can be shorten, and in the later time, we will also be able to upgrade, for it also can save the cost of certain transmission, even if we had a certain power network transmission, but the delivery cost is larger, costly using solar power grid upgrading function of the transmission line can save costs, and reduce power transmission losses.

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