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Solar street light panels cracked how to solve?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-13

in today's outdoor lighting, street on both sides of the road, park plaza landscape lights are mostly joined the solar street lamp design, can satisfy the demand for electricity, in the arrangement of circuit design. In lower installation costs at the same time, also greatly save energy, reduce the pressure on the city electricity. But it is important to note that the solar street light panels are made of crystal materials, easy to crack. And the light with the naked eye is hard to find these cracks, but will affect the whole life, so must be solved.

when the solar street light panels hidden cracks caused by damage, can lead to current can't normal output, collected some battery failure happens, or all of the failure, thus affect the power output of the solar panels, led to continuous attenuation and shorten the service life of solar panels.

in fact, under the condition of different burst, leading to the impact on the solar panels are not the same. If crack perpendicular to the main line, fine line almost has no effect, in general, it is difficult to cause the panels of fault; But when cause fine line crack fracture, can make the fine line cannot be collected by the current transfer to the main line, leading to failure, in addition, it is important to note that if the failure area is less than 8% of solar panels, the solar panel components have little impact. Therefore, there is no need for solar panels, too much emphasis on the cracks of as long as pay attention to identify.

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