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Solar street lights maintenance needs to be given

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-11

now life is getting better and better, many places have a street lamp, but we have seen the sun, always is with solar street lights maintenance time. Then we for solar street lights maintenance is with what method? In the implementation of these methods is a what kind of considerations? In our maintenance solar street light, we must first consider is where open circuit. Because we are to particular case is particular analysis, can't because of indifferent, it is no benefit for solar street lights maintenance.

we can look at the light bulb, found that black light bulbs, filament broken and white bulb and so on phenomenon could be the light bulb is broken is caused. Because a lot of our appliances have a insurance, mainly because of insurance is to protect the circuit, any of the current overload is likely to burn out insurance. Insurance is burned, it would be with all sorts of phenomenon, from the light bulb above all can be seen. Once we found the bulb and insurance and other equipment are not bad, is to look at the problem of wire.

screen we need one by one, first of all, we find out whether the wire because of oxidation, decay and fracture problems, according to the actual situation in certain maintenance, when the road lights, the maintenance is completed.

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