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Solar street lights maintenance do you understand?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-14

the solar street light is composed of solar panels, battery and controller of electric lamp, because panels of integration is higher, so the solar street lights usually hidden in the more hidden place. In order to ensure that solar street lights can continue to run normally, need to check in week, every year autumn also need to solar installation for full inspection, each part is there loss serious condition. In order to ensure that solar street lights can better service for the city, the needs of professionals to learn more about maintenance knowledge, the following is simple to explain.

1, encountered bad weather: this kind of situation usually need proper protection for the solar cell components, in order to avoid component was frozen and effect use effect. Strong winds, heavy rain, the weather will affect the position of the circuit board, control room and storage battery box should be carefully check, in order to avoid a large number of water impact device.

2 cleaning, battery components: the solar cell surface should be kept clean, if found to have dirt should be cleaned in time, and then use clean cloth to wipe clean, remember that don't use corrosive solvent flushing.

3, solar energy battery components maintenance requirements: solar energy battery components in accordance with the relevant specification for maintenance, any omission or neglect link could affect the service life of the battery.

small make up remind again finally, in addition to the components of solar energy maintenance, the daily route to maintenance and repair, so as to the use of more secure.

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