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The advantage of solar energy street light

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-13

street light, solar energy water heater in the application of life is more and more widely, as far as solar energy products, is the use of sunlight for energy conversion process. Solar equipment has a drawback, however, is the rainy season can't normal use, small make up today he said for solar street lamps and what are the advantages.

1, the installation process is simple: the line of solar energy is not a lot, is different from the traditional street lamp installation, don't lay a lot of wires, only need to build a cement base, equipped with a battery pit.

2, affordable: here mainly from long-term aspects to consider economic material benefit, solar street light is a one-time investment, later don't need a lot of maintenance costs, while the upfront costs may be a little more, but have more advantages compared with traditional wire laying.

3, safety, environmental protection and energy saving, solar street lamps use voltage is lower, there is no safety concerns. And the traditional city street lamp safe hidden trouble, if there is a road, pipeline construction, the use of street lamp can be a problem, serious casualty accidents will happen. Photoelectric conversion in solar energy as a safe and reliable, there is no environmental pollution, and inexhaustible.

4, long service life: solar energy street light battery components have longer service life, such as the service life of sodium lamp is about 20000 hours. And the life of the general life of the battery for a few years, products with high technical content and intelligent design reassuring.

either late prophase investment or the use of solar street lamps have very big advantage, on the design of anode, electrolyte is also a breakthrough progress.

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